Editorial Reviews. Review. “First-person perspective done right makes a protagonist seemmore CLOCKWISE: A Young Adult Time Travel Romance ( The Clockwise Series Book 1) – Kindle edition by Elle Lee Strauss, Lee Strauss. Download. The Clockwise Collection. Uncontrolled time travel can be so annoying! Casey Donovan has issues: hair, height and uncontrollable trips to the 19th century!. In Strauss’ debut novel, Casey Donavan must deal with all the average problems of the average, modern teenage girl: body image issues.

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There are plenty of twists to keep you into the story and made you continuously wonder what was going to happen next. This installment had more than a few editorial misses, too many repetitions of the storyline for being such a short work, and a few dropped lines which may be picked up in the next installmentbut overall, followed the fun, historically driven theme as the rest of this series.

I guess I will see how the last book goes!! I guess I just wanted more emotion, more explanation. Add a sexy widow, a deadly drug, and a grave robbery to the stew, and you have Miami’s trial of the century.

Clockwise, by Elle Strauss | Free Books

A great story This is such a sweet story! Her love interest was a real jerk in the beginning and he never adequately redeemed himself. Daughters in limited quantities are fine so long as they are pretty. Just doesn’t really mesh with me. See 2 questions about Clockwise…. It’s not a big problem, unless you are one. She divides her time between BC, Canada and Dresden, Germany, and enjoys drinking coffee and eating chocolate in both places.


It is an interesting adventure with some surprising connections. All in all, I really enjoyed Clockwise. And Nate goes from a being a normally supportive boyfriend to a more tired version. Their relationship is forbidden. Apr 21, Heather rated it it was amazing.

I think a lot of young adults will enjoy this novel. Another twist which caught me by surprise was the betrayer. This is just the beginning!

Clockwise (Clockwise, #1) by Elle Strauss

Worse yet, she was whiny. I will say that I wasn’t too happy with Casey towards the end. No she doesn’t know why she travels, but there are a few clues later in the book. She never asked to be transported to the past every time her life gets stressful. She has a list of flaws about her.

I’m really looking forward to reading the next one. Leighann Dobbs Narrated by: The author turned it into a clockwisee, but this first book works fine as a stand-alone read. When she returns to her present time, though, it’s always as though no time as transpired at all. Aug 06, Patrizia rated it it was amazing.

Another thing I wanted to talk about was the ‘love triangle. The one little thing that sets her apart is her pesky time-travelling problem! Casey is a time traveler. It’s hard to put the clockwie down once you start as you want to find out what’s coming.



Nate’s slow to accept their new reality, but when he does he realizes he needs Casey to get back. The Watsons were very kind to take in Casey especially since she disappears on them all the time with no warning. If you’re into a YA time traveling stories then pick this book up!

Three time travels in this book.

She’s athletic and catches a football at the strauuss, Nate Mackenzie’s Tom Brady autographed ball. A great read for anyone who enjoys a little time travel with a lot of adventure and clockwie I’m already reading the second book Clockwiser! Mar 25, Diane Bean rated it liked it. I kind of saw it coming, but was very sad when it did.

I say you can read this book after you can read well enough – 10 or so.

There are a few clockwis that will leave your jaw on the floor, plus the way she writes the story will have you living in that timeline. I was reminded of some interesting American History.


Oct 18, Karen rated it really liked it. Be the first to discover new talent! She had a tomboy edge to her voice somehow.

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