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A few of these foIlow: Figure illustrates this idea: These alternating stress intensities are designated as SaltlSa1t2, Allowable Load Variation – As noted above, this is computed as: Therefore, it should he stressed that, as far as most codes are concerned, there is no such thing as “operating stress”.

Node is The equation give in the coaed John mentions may be conservative in some situations. Add to your Watched Users.

COADE Pipe Stress Analysis Seminar Notes – Free Download PDF

The distance L in Figure may become important if the gap on the guide closes and coae is a horizontal restraint force which will cause a torsional moment to exist in both members. The force is estimated as such: The load cases shown here only contain the basic analysis components.

Not only are the causes and the failure modes ofthese two loading types quite different, but not surprisingly, the solutions to these two types ofloading are usually different as weIl. Where excessive displacement is a problem, increasing the number of convolutions can be the solution.


Therefore, a compromise must often be reached in order to find the solution to these two types ofloading. Typical sustained loads consist of: Analysis of these components is best left to fmite element analysis, test, or other recognized methods.

These are designated as NI, N2, Ocade The maximum moment in the beam is in the center of the span, and has a value of: Therefore, code compliance requires that the piping system be checked for both types of loading – primary and secondary. Expansion joints also present problems due to the fact that they cannot transmit tension through their wall. Note that pressure design of piping components must be done according to the requirements of the user’s specifie code, not to the rules described semianr In order to keep stresses in the pipe and fittings within code allowable levels.

Before adjusting the operating load the user should determine if a preferable course of action is freeing the problem nozzle during the restrained weight case as discussed above. However, if an spans are of identicallength and loading, the nptes of the adjacent pipe span prevents rotation at the support, therefore simulating a fixed connection.

The flexibility of the connection may be modeled by a flexible element such as that generated using Welding Research Council Bulletinwhile stresses in the pipe and vessel may be estimated through the use offinite element analysis orthrough the use ofWel ding Research Council Bulletins and Note that both codes additionally cite a conservative value of SA, f 1.

COADE Pipe Stress Analysis Seminar Notes

Consider the following geometry, of a large diameter pipe supported hy a dual spring assemhly: It is not unusual to see only X or X-y components ofan earthquake.


SJI C51 csu 57 U. The engineer first must determine the standard span for the system.

They must still be considered for the support loads, of course. The next run ofpipe accommodates a full 23 foot run, so two supports can be located between node points 30 and These systems have essentially no horizontal support, and typically small vertical stiffnesses resisting semknar in the Y direction.

Any questions regarding load capacity should probably be directed to the fitting manufacturer Most Accurate: These are dynamic meaningthat they change as afunction of time loads, and are therefore discussed in greater detail in Sections 4 and 5 of these seminar notes. Because ofthis, pressure design of components is usually done far before, coadd therefore in isolation, from the pipe stress analysis phase of piping design.

This typically translates into the distance from the semianr coast or the Gulf of Mexico in the Continental U. Bearn theory states that ifboth support points are pinned free to rotate: This provides an equally easy-to-use equation and sacrifices little as far as accuracy is concerned.

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