This software/documentation contains proprietary information of Cognos .. Framework Manager User. Guide. Creating and publishing models using. This document applies to IBM® Cognos® 8 Business Intelligence Version and may How is IBM Cognos 8 PowerPlay Studio Different from IBM Cognos Series 7 After Exporting to PDF the Label for the OTHER Category in a Pie Chart . Transformer is used when you insert the Cube File Name into the report title. To use modeling tools, such as Framework Manager and IBM Cognos For instructions about installing and configuring IBM Cognos BI Server, see the IBM Cognos Series 7.x Transformer models to IBM Cognos BI Transformer or later.

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In the Namespace list, select the appropriate namespace. To create a Cognos Transformer signon that appears in the Signons list and is saved in the model, enter a valid user name and password and select the Create a Transformer signon from the user name and password or select an existing one for use with this data source check box.

Drill down produces NA values. In the Cognos Transformer Categories diagram, relative time periods appear in the category viewer as special coognos, highlighted in pale green, below the other drill-down paths in the time dimension.

TR A PowerCube group was expected but not found. The following dimension map icons are used to indicate the type of dimension or level. This prompt exists in the Cognos Transformer query, but cannot be found in the report or package used as a data source. When modeling on the dimension map, you can v create powerplxy dimension map that reflects the structure of your dimensional data source v drag a column from the Data Sources list to the dimension map to create a new level or dimension In the dimension tree for the package, select the dimensions, hierarchies, or levels that you want to add to your model and click OK.


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You can adjust or rename the levels to suit the organization of your data, using the Cognos Transformer category viewer diagram. Page To resolve the problem, ensure that the items in the Data Sources list use the same sort order that Cognos Transformer uses when processing the data.

Creating The Time Dimension You are required to specify both the date source tranaformer and the Dimension name for your time dimension. Page TR A column was expected but not found. Command line options are case-insensitive.

Cognos Products and Tools

Either you have referred to a category set by an object name or object identifier that Cognos Transformer is unable to locate, or you have not referenced the category set. Guidelines for Optimizing Pro Page 67 Hransformer You define the Month01 column in each data source as the first column in a twelve-member array.

Does it need to be converted to a supported data source type before it is imported? You have traansformer Cognos Transformer to generate date categories in a time dimension. This error message may appear when you make updates to a model using an MDL script. Under normal circumstances, the Cognos Transformer Windows interface prevents you transfformer including a measure that is excluded in an ancestor custom view. The files are created in the order specified in the list of paths.


Page TR The currency table populate failed. Page Procedure 1. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. CubeName This is a mandatory value.

Page Page – Appendix B. Building Expressions Selecting Date inserts the current date in quotation marks. E8 For a model requiring only the Division, Quarter, Expense, and Expense Amount columns, Cognos Transformer reads all the expense types and uer amounts for each quarter and for each division.

In your model, you structure the Regions dimension to show levels for Retailer country or region and City. TR A column was expected but cognps found. In this case, the object is a measure. Verifying Your Model Cognos Transformer provides a built-in validation tool to help you identify problems with your model design.

Page 31 Cognos Transformer, Cognos Transformer maps the rollup or regular aggregate setting of the package source query items to a corresponding measure rollup type in Cognos Transformer. TR An error occurred during data retrieval from the database.

Cognos Products and Tools. If you are already in Cognos Transformer, click New from the File menu. In the Dimension pane, select your new view.

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