McCullough (The Thorn Birds ; The October Horse) continues her Masters of Rome series with a chronicle of one of history’. Passion, politics, love and death combine in a novel of the legendary love triangle between the three leaders of the Roman era: Cleopatra, Mark Antony and. Antony and Cleopatra by Colleen McCullough – A sweeping epic of ancient Rome from the #1 bestselling author of The Thorn Birds In this breathtaking follow-up.

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Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Ajd ruler first and a woman second, Cleopatra has but one desire: Like all McCullough books, this one is an achievement.

Jun 17, Whitney St-Marseille rated it really liked it Shelves: CleopatraMarcus AntoniusAugustus. As the plot races toward its inevitable conclusion — with battles on land and sea — conspiracy and murder, love and politics become irrevocably entwined. The uneasy alliance between Mark Antony and Octavian is short-lived as both long to be the sole power in Rome. The sixth volume picked up beautifully after a shaky start but there was an air of disengagement through much not all of this last book.

McCullough consistently portrays Julius Caesar as too brilliant, too farsighted, too modern for my tastes although Colleeen have stuck with reading the series because of mccullojgh portrayal of Rome and the epic nature of her works.

Antony and Cleopatra (Masters of Rome, book 7) by Colleen McCullough

She failed to recognize that his ambitions were very different from hers; and he hardly even confided in her. These are the same faults that kept Gaius Julius Caesar from naming him his successor.

Caesar took cleopstra a living personality in her books. He longed for justice, fairness, and equality. This is a whole new world. The tragic denouement is, in McCullough’s capable hands, no less compelling for being so well known. I hope she keeps writing!


Antony and Cleopatra | Book by Colleen McCullough | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

View all 4 comments. Although the marriage is a happy one, Antony is mostly absent, still plotting conquest in Asia Minor. In essence, quite a good read, especially if you’re a history buff.

It wasn’t because Antony was a wine-sotted slug? The characters are very conflicted and complex. Clearly if he were to become pharaoh in truth he would be the savior Egypt needed.

Why were Antony’s children by Cleopatra allowed to live? But if you’ve loved earlier books in the series, and even if you were disappointed with “The Mcculllough Horse”, don’t miss out on this one. The bitterness and self-doubt of the co-ruler of the world, after Caesar’s near-complete snubbing in his will in favor of the too-young, asthmatic Octavian, results in a horrific death toll in battlegrounds throughout the East.

Stavolta io suoi personaggi sono piatti, pesanti, quasi stanchi.


Nonetheless, I thoroughly enjoyed “Antony and Cleopatra” and found it in fact more readable than the previous volume “The October Horse”, whose earlier chapters were particularly Finally finished this book, the last in what is a magnificent seven-book series of historical fiction, published over 17 years with increasing gaps towards the end. After his victory, when he has option of donating his winnings to Rome and going on a victory tour of sorts which would make the people of Rome rejoice in him.

All this does, I have to say, feel a bit tacked on. With all this happening behind closed doors she finds it much more difficult to dramatize.

Her mastery of the historical facts is impressive c,eopatra keeps the story moving. Please provide an email address. Octavian, likewise, isn’t a deeply sympathetic character, but at least the qualities that lead him to become the architect of Imperial Rome are showcased believably, and however insidious some of Octavian’s manipulations are, one is left at the end of the book with the sense that Rome is far safer in his hands than in Antony’s, which was certainly true. I have to say the last 2 of this series were I found myself mentally screaming at Cleopatra ane if she didn’t back off her precious son would die.


We are all a blend of similarities and opposites. Another excellent book in McCullough’s Masters of Rome series for which she was awarded a doctorate–and rightly collefn I do, however, think that Ceasarian could have possibly had the mind of his father.

I slogged through endless lists of names and details that were sometimes only tangential to the plot.

This arrangement temporarily prevents a civil war. Tetapi yang paling menarik bagi saya adalah para wanita di belakang pria-pria hebat ini, Marc Anthony dan Octavian Caesar. And, knowing that, she didn’t try. I wish there were more books in this series. Caesar Romulus or Caesar Augustus?

Indeed, the two are well matched only in ambition. Colleen McCullough, a native of Australia, established the department of neurophysiology at the Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney before working as a researcher at Yale Medical School for ten years. Two wet fish in the same pond, as Antony puts it, but they cleopatar a superb team since their goals are shared and they trust each other. There are a few weaknesses, in addition to the seven grimaces I detected.

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