Commenting and Commentaries [Charles Haddon Spurgeon, Joel Beeke] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The student or pastor with a. mitted, and I meant to include two addresses upon Commenting in the proposed tion, and then acatalogue of Commentaries miglit help the student to carry the. Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only.

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SGCB | COMMENTING ON COMMENTARIES: A Reference Guide to Buying the Best Books

Trivia About Commenting and Co The Bible is a Book meant for human beings, and therefore it is written in human language; and in human language the same word may signify two or three things. Plymouth Brethren delight to fish up some hitherto undiscovered tadpole of interpretation, and cry it round the town as a rare dainty; let us be content with more ordinary and more wholesome fishery. He closes with a Invaluable in its day, still quite valuable in ours.

I should recommend you to get through it in the next twelve months after you leave college. To set up canons of interpretation for the Book of God which would be absurd if applied to other writings is egregious folly: John Jude The Revelation. The use of the two authors may help to preserve the balance of your judgments.

His ultraism is discarded, but his learning is respected: Endeavoured by William Burkitt, M.

If you will mark your Bibles with lines under the texts from which you have spoken, as I have always done with an old copy which I keep in my study, you will discover that in twelve or fourteen years very little of the book has been gone through; a very large proportion of it remains unmarked, like a field unploughed.

In many poetical parts of the Old Testament the speakers change; as in Solomen’s Song, which is mostly a dialogue. To God I commend this labour, which has been undertaken and carried out with no motive but that of honoring his name, and edifying his Church by stimulating the study of his Word.

  GUIDE UTE C15-712-1 PDF

I pretty much skimmed through it since there wasn’t much to read, only reference. In order to be able to expound the Scriptures, and as an aid to your pulpit studies, you will need to be familiar with the commentators: Clean the grand old pictures of the divine masters; hang them up in new frames; fix them on the walls of your people’s memories, and their well instructed hearts shall bless you.

Commenting and commentaries

It struck me, however, that a better thing was possible. If people will say that the same word in Scripture always means the same thing, as I have heard some assert publicly, they will make nonsense of the word of God, and fall into error through their own irrational maxims. Trapp excels in witty stories on the one hand, and learned allusions on the other.

Some of his remarks are far fetched, and like the far fetched rarities of Solomon’s Tarshish, there is much gold and silver, but there are also apes and peacocks. Once start a sermon with a great idea, and from that moment the discourse forms itself without much labour to the preacher, for truth naturally consolidates and crystallises itself around the main subject like sweet crystals around a string hung up in syrup; but as for the exposition, you must keep to the text, you must face the difficult points, and must search into the mind of the Spirit rather than your own.

Commenting and Commentaries

The Apostolical Epistles Romans I. In Lombardy I observed great heaps of huge stones in the fields, which had been gathered out from the soil by diligent hands to make room for the crops; your duty is to “gather out the stones”, and leave the fruitful field of Scripture for your commentarie to till. Commmentaries what you will about that lore, it has its value: Wherein the text is explained, doubts resolved, Scriptures paralleled, and various readings observed.


He is the celebrated “Rector” whom Keach “rectified” in the matter of infant baptism.

Commenting and Commentaries – Christian Classics Ethereal Library

It is the poor man’s commentary, the old Christian’s companion, suitable to everybody, instructive to all. To consider cheapness in purchasing a concordance is folly.

I liked him well enough till I had read abler works and grown older. I must not omit upon the New Testament the goodly volume of Burkitt. He appears to have written before Diodati and Trapp, but lacked opportunity to publish. You have reading more interesting than any novel that was ever written, and as instructive as commentihg heaviest theology. In three distinct volumes. He is a very zpurgeon and judicious commentator; and one of the few who could honestly say, “We have not willingly balked any obvious difficulty, and have designed a just satisfaction to all our readers; and if any knot remains yet untied, we have told our readers what hath been most probably said for their satisfaction in the untying of it.

The process resembles that of showing a house by exhibiting separate bricks. Carl Willis rated it really liked it Apr 25, Jay’s sermons bear indubitable evidence of his having studied Matthew Henry almost daily.

The best reference Bible is a thoroughly good concordance. He is not versed in the manners and customs of the East, for the Holy Land was not so accessible as in commrntaries day; but he is deeply spiritual, heavenly, and profitable; finding good matter in every text, and from all deducing most practical and judicious lessons.

Yet be sure you use your own minds too, or the expounding will lack interest. What more could I say in commendation either of the preacher or the author?

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