Compex Full Fitness. COMPEX Mi- COMPEX SPORT ELITE – White Edition. COMPEX Electrodes placement chart in French, German, Italian and Spanish. Fueling Usage Chart Supplement Usage Chart CD with User Manual, Electrode Placement Guidebook, Carrying Case, Easy Snap Electrode Lead wires. Find electrode placement guides at #CompexAthlete @ wwerollins • • • #MuscleStim #Compex #wwe #sethrollins.

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By contrast, the picture on the right shows the Compex method. January 6, at 6: Where might I go to learn more about settings for the EMS in terms of wave, length, pad placement, etc? I actually bought and used a Marc Electode for about a month this summer.

How To Use Electrical Muscle Stimulation

The motor neurons found within this circuit are stimulated. April 15, at This is the most common muscle fiber type in an average individual.

September 8, at 8: Yep, You get extremely enhanced neural stimulation and also bloodflow. Switch to more of a recovery protocol instead of the strength program and you will likely get less soreness and more practical benefit. Sorry about the late reply— just saw this.


If I see reasonable results I will be sure to let you know. It trains these muscle fibers to deliver energy anaerobically and generate a great deal guice force for efforts lasting up to one minute. October 9, at 3: March 9, at 5: For a partial denervation Compex 3 performs an automatic ramp search.

Nerve-Specific Electrode Placement Guides

January 5, at 4: This program has three parts to it. Around 70 to 80 at endurance pace. I mentioned before how I used EMS to get past a calf strain in record time. August 10, at I might interfere with pedal stroke biomechanics to use it that way…probably better to use on upper body in a case like that….

Product Review: Using a Compex EMS for Recovery, Strengthening, and Injuries

Please log in using one of these methods to post your comment: Really seems like the protocols above require hours on training days? February 11, at February 11, at 3: I own a Slimwave machine, they are stronger in current and much more affordable then most. You are commenting using your Twitter account. A couple of notes about EMS.


November guidd, at December 14, at Compex units tend to be smaller, more expensive, and usually more limited in their program selection.

I have full instructions here: You could train slow twitch muscle fibers on your quads, Type IIa muscle fibers on your gluteals, and Type IIb fibers on your calves. May 2, at 2: And yes, doing Compex in between cycle training days would also work fine. First, because EMS bypasses the central nervous system, it fires muscles somewhat randomly. With the Compex, you train slow twitch muscle fibers with the Endurance Program.

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