CONCOA’s line of industrial gas apparatus has been the fabrication industry’s. CONCOA continues to develop new products and improve on existing technologies Pressure Differential Switchovers. CONCOA’s technologically advanced medical switchover systems are.

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The lower the helium leak specification, the better the regulator will be at preventing leaks into the atmosphere and at minimizing contamination from gases outside the body.

Forged body regulators are economical; however, their internal surface finishes are relatively rough as compared to barstock body regulators. Flow Curves for Series, Series.

Universal Regulator mounting bracket. Helium leak integrity is a measurement of how well a regulator prevents gases from leaking into or out of a regulator body. Locate this pressure on the vertical axis of the chart. CONCOA invests substantially more in research and development than clncoa industry average in order to develop a continuous stream of new products, here is one typical example:. In this concoq, a Helium Leak integrity rating of 1 x would indicate that the regulator would leak enough gas to fill one cubic centimeter every 33 years.

Organized 25 years ago by gas industry scientists and engineers, CONCOA is today a recognized leader in the design and manufacture of gas control devices. Flow Curves regulatog,,,,Series. We describe the positives along with the negatives.

Diaphragms The diaphragm is a sensing element crucial to the function of the regulator and the purity of gas delivery. This is a used Concoa Series dual gas regulator gauge. Dual stage regulators perform the same function as single stage regulators. Please note that a CGA connection limits the temperature range of a regulator to the guidelines of the connection. Built for industries ranging from analytical, scientific, aerospace, environmental, and pharmaceutical, to electronic, medical, petrochemical, and metalworking – for those that require only the best.


Refer to the compatibility charts on pages or consult your gas supplier to determine suitable materials of construction. Stainless steel diaphragms are corrosion resistant and have low leakage rate characteristics. If you would like further information please contact us.

We speak English, German, French and Spanish in our team. In addition, PTFE retains its sealing properties over a wider temperature range than other seat materials.

CONCOA Premium Equipment Range

degulator Our intention is not deceive anyone. Website Design by Derby Web Design. How to choose a regulator. There is a good chance that we have what you need. Please contact us for a quote or if you have any questions. Every regulator comes with a 10, cycle assurance. While all regulators can reduce pressure in a gas system, CONCOA high purity regulators conform to very exacting standards of pressure control.

In either case it is up to you to decide whether the risk level is acceptable to you, and To meet the rigorous requirements of end-users in the analytical, scientific and electronics markets. New Jersey Sold by: Spectral and Materials Ergulator. Providing single and two piece oxy-fuel cutting apparatus CONCOA became the choice to build the back bone of today’s manufacturing community.

The only company that routinely assembles specialty gas regulators in a cleanroom environment, CONCOA provides systems and equipment that perform precisely, under demanding conditions in diverse applications.


Pure Gas Compatibility Chart.

05 – Regulators

We are not a party to any manufacturer’s warranty that may or may not apply. Built for industries ranging from analytical, scientific, aerospace, environmental, and pharmaceutical, to electronic, medical, petrochemical, and metalworking – for those that require only the best. PTFE is an inert material which will not react with or contaminate any high purity gas.

Follow the curve to the desired flow rate on the horizontal scale.

Concoa Regulator | eBay

Medical Products CONCOA medical regulators are designed with the same quality, care and attention to detail as all of our other flow control lines. Below, we discuss some bases of comparison that can help you navigate this catalogue and choose a regulator that best suits your needs.

Dual Stage Single stage regulators reduce pressure in a single step to deliver a pressure within a specific range. CONCOA’s commitment to quality in engineering has made its distribution products the most reliable and cost effective equipment in the industry. A choice of forged body or barstock construction is available.

CONCOA Premium Equipment Range

If you do not have the latest version of Acrobat Reader, download it here. Along with the traditional heavy-duty pressure and flow ratings associated with industrial gas use, laser gas equipment must ensure gas purity normally found in the laboratory. Other see details Time left:

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