D&D Conquest of Nerath vpdf ( MB) (Log in or Register to download.) Conquest of Nerath – french rules (Traduction des règles de. Dungeons & Dragons: Conquest of Nerath Board Game. Dungeons & Dragons: of plastic miniatures. Conquest of Nerath Rules Summary and Reference v1. Conquest of Nerath. Wage war in the Dungeons & Dragons world. War has come to the Dungeons & Dragons world! In the north, the undead legions of the Dark.

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Dungeon delving is one of fules most interesting parts of Conquest of Nerath and the major place where the relatively balanced sides can become customized and imbalanced. Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest. There was a problem completing your request. Your email address neratb not be published. Fighters and wizards will go off on quests to defeat ogres, dragons and basilisks and the like to earn powerful treasures that will make your entire nation stronger — or just your heroes.

: Conquest of Nerath: A D&D Boardgame: Wizards RPG Team: Toys & Games

But they have less starting gold by rulse or two or three gold pieces and have weaker event cards. Your opponent rolls for each monster and unlike units they lose one die for each hit they take. There are 8 different units that cost from gold.

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Posted on Aug 22, in Boardgames. The premise of Conquest of Nerath is that each of the 2—4 players takes control of one of the four major Nerathian kingdoms in a struggle for dominance. The box has everything laid out beautifully. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. I found in play that this created some interesting balance in the game where one faction pushes and gains multiple points on one front they end up leaving themselves more open to lose regions on other fronts and allow other factions to gain points at the same time.


In a move of sheer design brilliance, the designers made the number that every unit needs to score a “hit” the same—a 6.

Dungeons & Dragons: Conquest of Nerath Board Game | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. The entire game is made up of high quality materials. After placing your new units at a castle you may move them.

This only gets worse as you collect items, which mostly improve your heroes at the expense of making non-hero units even less useful by comparison. Ships from and sold by Prestivo. There is some added replayability as each faction plays differently because they have different board positions and Event Cards.

Our favorite toys for everyone on your list Shop now. The figures are all strong and simply don’t break under normal use. In particular, the Iron Circle which goes third and Nerath will feel like spectators while they wait for Karkoth and Vailin to go.

Reposition allows you to move flying units again and you must move heroes from a dungeon to an adjacent space. See all 25 reviews. The game has 4 factions made into 2 alliances you can but don’t have to play the alliances.

One of the first things that I was happily surprised about with this game is that the turn order is fixed, with the Karkoth faction always taking the first turn followed by the Vailin, then Iron Circle, and Nerath goes at the end of each round of turns. The rulebook is easy to understand and follow.

Conquest of Nerath Board Game Review

Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. I think they are now calling it Ikusa but with a fantasy theme instead of Feudal Japan. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. The ocnquest insert is one of the finest ever encountered in a cohquest like this, providing excellent storage for the tokens, pieces, cards, and dice. On your turn you draw an event card, move your units, fight battles, reinforce, reposition and collect income.

Any unit may move. The miniatures are appropriate for stealing and using in other games, as long as you’re tolerant of their somewhat irregular scale around 15 mm for land units, but with scaled-down ships, castles, and trebuchets.


The game is not overly deep or complex, but it is also not overly simple and it manages to remain interesting and exciting throughout rles game lasting for several hours. Compare with similar items. Conquest of Nerath has been compared to Risk and though there are some similarities this is an entirely different game.

The game was released in as part of conquset string conqquest board game releases with tie-ins to the 4th edition RPG rules, and this board provided the fullest look at the default campaign setting map for 4e. His current project is reading the Necronomicon in Latin. Many of the concerns I had about this game when I first heard about it are completely avoided in the rules, rulse I was surprised by how quick it was to learn and how much we enjoyed even the first game while we were still learning how the game would play out.

Several years ago we became obsessed with the Lord of the Rings version of Risk simply because we had never played a fantasy board game on that scale, but the game was still the donquest and suffered from all of the same old flaws. As it is, each dungeon just has 1 level with 1 or 2 monsters in it and the heroes don’t level.

You can sucker an inexperienced player by giving up captured territory, letting him take it back with units too weak to hold it, and then capturing it a second time for even more points — which will probably frustrate players who don’t anticipate that this is possible.

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