Aidan McNamara and Martha Brozyna explain contrarian fluctuations and ripple trading for stocks. That’s why they’ve created Contrarian Ripple n in a straightforward and accessible style, this reliable resource outlines the. That’s why they’ve created Contrarian Ripple Trading. Written in a straightforward and accessible style, this reliable resource outlines the.

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Written in a straightforward and accessible style, this reliable resource outlines the approach they’ve successfully used to capture profits from the stock market for many years.

Contrarian Fluctations and Ripple Trading for Stocks

Following negative comments by former chairman of the Federal Reserve Alan Greenspan regarding the possibility of a recession ina 9 percent drop in the Chinese stock market, and with investors already jittery over the possibility that U. Who can benefit from an extra income generated in this fashion? And how did one side stack up against the other? Consider a rising tide: The beauty of a contrarian stock purchase is that it is made by definition when the stock is relatively cheap, leading if successful to a classic buy low, sell high investment or trade.


We avoid passing on to our readers the kind of immersion in irrelevant complexities that plague most investing and trading books precisely because of their irrelevance. Major company news or financial releases or merger announcements may trigger moves in sentiment, and so may more macro economic news including employment and housing statistics and interest rate cuts or hikes. The same holds true for any of the other market indices. An excellent example of this is what happened contrarisn February 27, In reality, investors trade a lot and traders invest especially when they cannot bear to part with that loss-making position that they somehow know will come right in the end.

While the publisher and author have used their best efforts in preparing this book, they make no representations or warranties with respect to the accuracy or completeness of the contents of this book and specifically disclaim any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

At this point, there is no good news around.

Speculation is rampant and pushes the market ever higher. This contract stated that the brokers would only trade securities with each other, would abide by a fixed commission rate, and would not participate in auctions. Of course, there are some who consistently do predict these turns correctly.


A Simple Way to Buy Low and Sell High

That’s why they’ve created Contrarian Ripple Trading. But there are other problems we perceive with these books. He used this time of enforced physical inactivity for study of business and the markets and to hone his understanding of the trends that, according to Dow and Hamilton, characterize the market. And quickly enough there are other signs that this book is something of a fascinating outlier in the investing genre. Such a privilege used to be reserved for the financial analyst community, but in more recent times, it has been theoretically opened up to all-comers.

Unfortunately, if you closely analyze the data in the appendix, you will find at the end of the 26 month period covered in the book, they have a basket of incredible losing stocks that “won’t go home” tying up an incredible amount of capital. Again, just as you would not turn down a promotion at work because the higher salary would mean paying more in tax, the differing levels of taxation applied to long-term and short-term trading gains should not dissuade you from trading if this seems the more lucrative path overall for you.

The Dow Theory concentrates on identifying the primary trend because followers of the theory believe that the correct recognition of that trend is the best means to making money in the market.

Bucket shops were frequently scam operations based on very dubious business practices. Rhea gave the name tides to the primary trends, otherwise known as bull or bear markets.

Do not think that our musings regarding investing and that we promote a specific method of short-term trading mean that we do not believe in investment strategies that would lock up our money for long periods of time.

However, we feel that it is too simplistic to conclude that the direct connection of individual stock prices to overall market movements is a one-way street. It is for this reason that we cannot help but shake our heads as to how they can claim that they can virtually wave a magic wand and effortlessly transfer their investing or trading talents and skills in a way that lets regular folks with limited resources imitate their success. My library Help Advanced Book Search.

As detailed in Appendixes A through D, the period that our trading record covers in this book is the trqding months up until February 28, This may be prehistory for some market participants, but it remains superbly illustrative as to what can happen when news hits the market that is almost universally considered to be negative and is unexpected. However, unlike day traders, they do not focus on closing all their positions at the end of the day. But such philosophical musings are probably best left for another forum.


This is like the world-famous Luciano Pavarotti promising to give away the secrets that allow anyone to be a successful opera singer, which, if feasible, would soon lead to a worldwide glut of tenors! Let us now introduce some of the foundations on which we have built our contrarian ripple trading method.

Dow Theory was the first line of conceptual thinking to posit that such trends do exist. Contrariqn overall market too, as measured by market indices, exhibits exactly the same movements up and down that tradnig the majority of individual stocks, and this is as would be expected as the overall market is nothing contearian than a grouping of those stocks. The contrarian ripple trader takes advantage of these fluctuations, and because they are frequent and repetitive in nature, he or she is able to make profits over and over again with repeated in-out round trip trades.

Everyone believes that a new era is at hand and all are overly optimistic regarding the future. He holds large positions until the investments turn around and generate the sizable returns he is looking for and that affirm his investment style.

There are hundreds, and sometimes thousands of equity analysts on both the sell-side those working for the investment banks and brokerage houses who distribute securities to investorsand on the buy-side those who do proprietary research for institutional investors—pension funds, mutual funds and the likeocntrarian engaged in crunching every last number released by the company. Value investing is an ideal; ripple trading, like indexing, is a practical compromise with market reality.

Worthless The authors claim no-loss round-trip trades over a 26 month period.

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