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Following the statement by the Commission’s fisheries spokesperson, Oliver Drewes, that it would investigate the allegation, what steps has the Commission taken to determine whether or not the claims are well-founded? Effect of pesticides on children’s and babies’ brains. Electronic identification requirement for farmed cattle, sheep and goats. Currently, a number of programmes are being modified by Member States to take advantage of this change.

This includes arrangements for the management and funding of schools. Productiekosten kunnen worden ingedeeld naargelang hun afhankelijkheid van de productieomvang. Nel giro di pochi giorni, il gommone ha cominciato a sgonfiarsi e stante la mancanza d’acqua molti hanno cominciato a morire per disidratazione. EU support to the civilian police supports institutional reform, including increasing the number of police women within the Afghanistan National Police corps. Dermed har de danske myndigheder ret til at inspicere en grund uden dommerkendelse.

If the aspects mentioned by the Honourable Member have an important impact on trade relations, the issues can be addressed in the already existing trade dialogues that the Commission maintains with all major trade partners.

However, the Commission has been and remains open to fine-tune technical aspects to improve the overall solidity and reliability of the system and at the same time reduce its implementation costs, whenever possible.

All EU Member States have put a regulatory framework in place at least equivalent to this framework of protection. The Bank of Portugal also notes that additional austerity measures to reach the deficit target may lead to a deeper recession.

Further improvements are however necessary.

Therefore, the Commission cannot confirm the scenario presented concerning the accentuated decrease in EU support to Portuguese milk producers under the CAP reform proposal. The Honourable Member is invited to contact relevant national or regional authorities with regard to projects implemented through shared management as the Commission is not directly involved cohvenio selecting and monitoring them.


According to observations made during many review missions, family planning methods — which include the delay of first birth, child-spacing, and sterilisation — are based on counselling and voluntary, informed decisions by those directly involved. State aid tools can however be applied only ex post. Given that it proved impossible to purchase land, the resolution approved instead the transfer of land belonging to the Ministry of Defence, cnvenio the D-8 Punta Camorro disused coastal battery, to the Centre for Migration and Global Change or Migres Foundation and the construction and funding of facilities on this land for use by the Centre.

The Russian authorities explained that the intention of the legislator was to curb child pornography, drug promotion and incitement to suicide on the Internet. The EU also follows the legal processes launched by Fernando Lugo following his ousting. To what extent relevant non-governmental organisations will reconsider the possibility of applying for EU funding in support of their activities may therefore also depend on how the new legislation will be implemented in practice.

Prohibition to relinquish or forgo the right to an annual holiday with pay. Variabele kosten 20013 kosten die afhangen van de productieomvang. According to which criteria and by what procedure will it draw up this list of endocrine disruptors which need to be replaced? Now their harmful effect on the development of children’s brains is known. The European Parliament will be kept informed of progress.

Echter, de 203 alinea van zijn antwoord bevat onduidelijkheden over zonne-energie die verheldering behoeven.

EUR-Lex – C/E/01 – EN – EUR-Lex

Risposta congiunta di Janusz Lewandowski a nome della Commissione. Their protests and journeys to Madrid to request the resumption of the project have been in vain. There are currently several potential gas infrastructure projects competing in the Southern Corridor to supply convvenio to Europe from Central Asia.

Zoals blijkt uit de antwoorden van de heer Potocnik heeft de Commissie deelgenomen aan workshops over dierenwelzijn in het algemeen en die van boerderijdieren in het bijzonder. The Bank of Portugal is nevertheless warning that there are various risks, including a lower export rate owing to external factors, a fall in revenue and aged rise in government spending owing to increased unemployment.

In secondo luogo, si tratta di una violazione dei diritti delle donne.

However, commitments supported under the new agri-environment-climate measures will have convenuo go beyond the obligations of greening, which is part of the baseline for these measures. Ik kan mij voorstellen dat door het verlenen van subsidies meer zonnecellen kunnen worden geproduceerd dan zonder subsidies. Negli accordi di libero scambio negoziati con paesi terzi la Commissione cerca sempre di ottenere garanzie di massima tutela per le IG.


Dieser Zustand kann so nicht hingenommen werden. The objective convsnio to ensure that future bank failures can be managed with minimal disruption of financial stability and angev finances. The Commission is in continued contact with its US counterparts at services and political level where issues relating to intellectual property are regularly raised.

Recuerda las normas de la comunidad. Why has the Jessica financing instrument not been developed in Bulgaria, and how would the Commission help in promoting its potential and use in the country? Uniform approach to corporate governance rules.

According to Human Rights Watch, such a practice is a twofold violation of human rights. Does the Commission think that Member States share its opinion that now is an appropriate time to begin negotiations with Japan?

La mitad de contratos de firmas como Ikea, Carrefour o Fnac son a tiempo parcial

Is the Commission aware that the handover of public schools from municipalities to church authorities has accelerated since the entry into force of this law?

In spite of these figures, the Commission is forcing through legislation that puts large families at a disadvantage. The EU remains deeply concerned about the spill-over effects of the Syrian crisis in neighbouring countries in terms of security and stability.

In order to achieve its objectives it imposes certain obligations on farmers. Is the Commission 213 planning to map the extent to which this type of trademark licensing practise is currently in use and its implications for the European economy, and in particular the tax institutions?

Through the testimony of the only survivor, an Eritrean national, we have learned of yet another tragedy in the Sicilian Channel. Within its competences, the Commission is committed to ensuring that this fundamental right is respected. While the need for traceability and food safety which underpins this decision is understandable, it will obviously lead to an erosion of genetic diversity.

In general this data does not contain detailed accident information on the age of vehicles involved in accidents. Will a programme be laid down with a view to establishing this sector on a lasting footing enabling it to adapt to the developments with which it will have to contend in the future?

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