SAPscript form tcode – SE71, ABAP Editor tcode – SE38, Customizing – Edit Project tcode – SPRO, Complete list of Tcodes for convert sap script (otf). CONVERT_OTF_MEMORY SAP Function module – SAPscript: Convert OTF from format EXCEPTIONS MEMORY_EMPTY = 1 ” Memory for OTF data is empty. RSTXPDFT4 is a standard Executable ABAP Report available within your SAP system (depending on your version and release level). Check out the submitted.

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Our SmartSearch algorithm sorts through tens of thousands of SAP tcodes, tables and other objects and helps you conevrt quickly finding any SAP tcode or table.

SAP script uses the font specification to determine how to fill text. You can note down the spool number of the document which you want to export as pdf file.

If the page format specified in the form is NOT found, then SAPscript uses the format actions associated with the next best page format.

In SAPscript printing, the spool system checks during format selection whether paper-tray specifications have been made for the output device.

These are automatically issued by these drivers at the start of each page. Switching to the paper that is available at the printer ensures that the output request will not be held up because of a paper-type conflict. These representations show the device format actions and print controls used by each OTF driver. EP – Enterprise Portal. The duplex mode is set in the Print mode field in a page definition in a form.

Each form names a page format, defined in the spool system, to set the paper size for the form. At present, however, the spool system chooses for a SAPscript document the first format by name that has the right page format and type. PM – Plant Maintenance.


If the font is proportional variable-width charactersthen SAP script concert the character-width information the font metrics in the font definition to fill characters into output lines. They can be redirected only among printers that share the same font metrics.

If you define your own formats, then you must ensure that the format actions are compatible with the specifications in the SAP script form and page format.

SAP Scripts Data Formats

At this time, the spool system can use only a single output character set. In later releases, logic for selecting among multiple spool system formats is expected to become available. If a window in a form definition is to appear 1 CM from the left edge of the paper, then on a Hewlett-Packard LaserJet printer, the window will actually be printed 1. A negative value moves the output up or to the left, a positive value shifts the output down or to the right. Online PDF conversion may take some time according to the size of the spool request you want to convert into PDF file format.

Convert the table using the Database Utility SE Converrt can list the spool requests for your current transaction or other sessions’ spool requests by using the filter in SAP transaction code SP01 screen.

SAP Scripts – Data Formats

At run time, however, the positioning information in SAP script forms is interpreted with respect to the printable area of the target output device. Note that print controls that may occur in running text, such as the SBPxx and SBSxx bar code otd controls, are not shown. The STN2 driver sets the number of lines per page in its Printer initialization actions. Converh want to export the contents of a spool request as a PDF file to a directory of your choice, and print the file as required.

Main program for include RV61Bxxx not found. Primary key change not permitted for value table. Also we can define dapscript file folder or the directory where we want to download and save the the PDF file.


It is important that you select “NO” to this question. The shading of the last box printed is output, where two shaded boxes overlap.

KM – Knowledge Management. PA – Personnel Management.

The specifications in a page format and the page format declaration in a form are documentary in nature. With these drivers, the command is programmed into the driver and is not derived from a format action. CS – Customer Service. That is, the spool system checks to see which page formats are offered at a printer. Duplex printing is available only convet printers that are equipped for printing on both sides of the paper.

RSTXPDFT4 SAP ABAP Report – Converting SAPscript (OTF) or ABAP List Spool Job to PDF

Some line printers display an error message and stop printing if this is different than the lines-per-page that was specified at the printer console. This format defines the actions that are used to initialize the printer. That is, the printer commands defined in the format actions must correspond to the format characteristics in the form.

Select-Statement can be Transformed. FS – Financial Services. The PDF file contains the print data in the format in which it would be output by the printer. Using the first SP01 screen where we have listed available spool requests, we can enter SAP spool request number into the “Spool Request” textbox.

When a SAP script spool request is output from the spool system, SAP script uses the character set conversion function of the spool system.

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