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Tagging Guide

The Technical Properties tag is automatically collected on the first page of the visitor s session. This can be useful for tracking the same promotion running on multiple pages across the site. Before implementing the Registration tag, the definition of the Registration ID for your implementation should be determined. Having access to these global includes allows you to avoid having implmentation touch a large number of pages in the implementation process.

In the example above, each tag sent from the page is copied to 2 ID s, resulting in 2x total server calls assessed. Order Subtotal Subtotal for the order. A library update might be required to enable this feature if originally implemented prior to September Contact Coremetrics Support if unsure of which library version you are using Shop Action 5 Tag The Shop Action 5 tag captures implekentation about selected products and coremetrcis products are present in a shopping cart, if any, when the cart is viewed.

Coremetrics – The Wondrous Life of a Software Architect

Test report data retention period is limited to five weeks. Using E- mail More information. In cases of extra domain levels prior to the uniquely identifying site domain value, this might be implementxtion 3rd or higher level. This can be any alphanumeric string and should be set according to the agreed upon page naming conventions.

Tagging implementation guide

Quantity Quantity of the product purchased for this line item. General Setup 3 1. Save the software to your hard drive and log into the admin panel of your WordPress More information. Like the Shop Action 5 tag, one tag should be sent for each product line item purchased. A client may also specify the background color or image of the pop-up windows that are displayed to the user.


Data received through tags usually shows up in ITT within minutes of being sent. The following is an example of a case statement in pseudocode: This custom file, ‘cmcustom.

In addition to these function calls, you must also make a single call to the function cmDisplayShops at the end of the sequence of 1 or more cmCreateShopAction This site functionality typically allows visitors to bypass the product detail page and associated Product View tag data collection by adding items directly to the cart from product category display pages.

Coremetrics test reports are available upon request from Coremetrics Support.

Category Definition File 69 Appendix B. Continue with these steps below, after including the aggregator through steps Impression Attribution IBM Digital Analytics Impression Attribution is an optional module that allows you to track impressions from offsite marketing placements directing traffic back to a Digital Analytics -tagged web site.

This function should not be used except as directed by Coremetrics Coremetrids or Strategic Services. Tag function definitions might vary by implementation.

Direct add-to-cart Site Functionality: For Financial Services applications this is typically “1”, if only 1 quantity is applicable to a iplementation financial product.

This edition applies to. Tag function definitions might vary by implementation. This includes providing notice in privacy statements that indicates what data is being corwmetrics and how the kmplementation is being analyzed, including situations such as described above, where data is integrated from multiple sources. Contact Coremetrics Support to obtain access.

IBM Coremetrics Explore if contracted can be found at https: The Product View tag should be called on the lowest level detail page for products, which is typically the Product Details page.


This information is provided to facilitate planning for implementation of web and email-based marketing link tracking. These tags collect view, selection and purchase activity information for individual products.

A small pop-up window is displayed to the visitor confirming coremetrcs execution of the selected optout option. Calls to these functions now call cmCreateElementTag Integrating Extole with Adobe Target Overview Extole partners with Adobe Target so that marketers can easily deploy Extole tags and test your referral program to improve its performance. Some implementations of Coremetrics might count the Product View as a Page View and additionally populate Content reporting.

Data Collection Domain should be set to data. The default Product Implementaton tag populates the Product Views metric for the product specified and does not populate Content reporting. The data parameters in the tag function calls communicate information about pages, products and visitor activities, such as carting or selecting specific products, completing purchases, registering or logging on, interacting with specific page elements, etc.

This file maps each giide ID sent in the tags to a display name and a parent category. It is not intended to provide More information. CDF updates are effective in reporting from the date of upload forward: Additional Contact Information Appendix O. See section 5 for more information about Coremetrics Testing Tools.

This section covers implementation considerations. So we ve developed a Privacy Policy that implementztion how we collect, use, disclose.

Introduction to the Data Warehouse. Please read the following to be informed about our Privacy Policy “Policy”.

This edition applies to V8.

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