First volume of Corpus Inscriptionum Indicarum containing Asokan inscriptions was edited by A. Cunningham and brought out in the year and later on its. Title – Corpus Inscriptionum Indicarum, Vol.1 Inscriptions Of Asoka. Author – Hultzsch, E. Language – english. Pages – Publication Year – Barcode EAN. Barcode: Title – Corpus Inscriptionum Indicarum vol. 3. Author – Fleet, John Faithfull. Language – english. Pages – Publication Year –

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I Inscription of the Kalachuri-chedi Era Vol. Mirashi Vol. The leading figure of this committee was Theodor Mommsen [1] who wrote several of the volumes covering Italy.

Corpus Inscriptionum Indicarum Volume I, Inscriptions Of Asoka

Page 37 – But the impressions must have been imperfect, as the published plates omit the right-hand portion of the north compartment and the bottom line of both.

Office of the Superintendent of Government Printing, The Archaeological Survey of India brings out a variety of publications since its inception, both annual and special with subject matters ranging from archaeological researches in excavations, explorations, conservation, architectural survey of temples and secular buildings besides epigraphy and numismatics.

In inscriptiinum projects Wikimedia Commons. Mirashi Out of stock.

So far, seven volumes of this series have been published. The publication of the glad tidings seems to have been made with unexampled pomp and circumstance and posterity is invoked to uphold the system.

In inscriptionuk cases where a previously cited inscription could no longer be found, the authors tried to get an accurate reading by comparing the versions of the published inscription in the works of previous authors who had seen the original. Archaeological Survey of India. Page – During a past period of many centuries, there have prevailed — destruction of life, injury of living beings, disrespect towards kindred, and irreverence towards Sramans and Brahmans.


Corpus Inscriptionum Indicarum

Latin inscriptions Latin epigraphy Archaeological corpora Textual scholarship. Inscriptions of the Paramaras, Chandellas, Kachchapaghatas and two minor Dynasity ed. For Business Inquiries please write to: The language of the CIL is Latin.

The omitted portions will be seen at once in the accompanying plate. Views Read Edit View history. Mirashi Out of stock Vol. Retrieved from ” https: VI Inscriptions of Silaharas, ed. V Inscriptions of the Vakatakas, ed. Inscriptions of the Early Gupta Kings, ed. Delhi Pillar from Mirat. Epigraphical Studies Legislations Publications Video. The earlier volumes collected and published authoritative versions of all inscriptions known at the time—most of these had been previously published in a wide range of publications.

The first volume appeared in Thirteen supplementary volumes have plates and special indices. The descriptions include images of the original inscription if available, drawings showing the letters in their original size and position, and an interpretation reconstructing abbreviations and missing words, along with discussion of issues and problems.

The Corpus continues to be updated in new editions and supplements. The well-known Allahabad pillar is a single shaft Hultzsch reprint Vol.

Corpus Inscriptionum Indicarum | inscription collection |

First Separate Edict Dhauli and Jaugada. Office of the Superintendent of Government Printing- Inscriptions – pages. Cunningham and brought out in the year and later on its revised edition was brought out in the year by E.


But now, in conformity to moral duty, the pious proclamation of king Priyadasi, the beloved of the insxriptionum, is made by beat of drum, in a manner never before performed for hundreds of years, with chariot and elephant processions, and fireworks and other divine displays of the people exhibiting the ceremonies and this Page 5 – The fourth edict draws a comparison between the former state of things, perhaps lawless and uncivilised, and the state of regeneration of the country under the ordinances of the beloved king.

Page – Let the reverence be shown in such and such a manner, as is suited to the difference of belief,”3. It was founded in by Theodor Mommsen and is the first and major organization aiming at a ijscriptionum survey. It forms an authoritative source for documenting the surviving epigraphy of classical antiquity. May it endure for evermore, and so may my eons, and my grandsons, and my great-grandsons uphold the same for the profit of all the world, and labour therein with the most reverential exertion!

Public and personal inscriptions throw light on all aspects of Roman life and history.

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