Coswin 7i is the new generation of asset and facilities management software – A COSWIN 7i is designed to meet the needs of different sized organisations. Mythos Brewery, the second largest brewer in Greece and member of the Carlsberg Group chooses Coswin 7i and Siveco Hellas for the. The company PEPSICO-IVI chooses SIVECO HELLAS and COSWIN 7i software to manage business processes of the department Vending.

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Equipment stores and items employees validation circuit by type of transaction rotating teams and separate cost tracking As a result you can manage your data in Coswin 8i by organisational entity. Purchase management Coswin 8i allows precise supplier management with manual and automatic purchase order requests, relationship tracking with suppliers and subcontractors, as well as prices, budgets, invoices and assets.

Easy integration of Coswin into your computer software. Project The Project module purpose is to prepare, plan and follow-up the realisation of maintenance projects requiring preparation tasks, facilities and tracking of time spent and costs, for example new works, annual shutdowns, construction, etc. Requests can be organized more accurately and their progress is tracked more accurately.

Security and traceability Coswin 8i enables companies to comply with the security and environmental legislation in force. Quotation This module allows maintenance companies to manage their customers using Coswin.

Lean Manufacturing with CMMS COSWIN 7i in the beverage industry Mythos Brewery

Then the end-user can endlessly aggregate and adjust the data in Excel until they get the result they expect. Calendar of planned works and resources deployed equipment, workforce etc. About Siveco Group Siveco Group has developed Maintenance Management software since and possess all the necessary skills to implement a Coswin 8i solution at the heart of your organisation.

Products Coswin 8i Coswin Nom d. According to our customers, this is perhaps the best reason to upgrade to Coswin 8i. Get the latest news and information on Siveco Group delivered directly to your inbox by subscribing to our newsletter. On the functional side, the new version reflects major ongoing projects for the French Armed Forces army, navy, air force and more generally in the defense sector naval shipyards.

The user can now have access to the information in a more direct and clear way, reducing the time spend and the risk of mistake together. Coswin 8i 7l be used simultaneously from different countries in different languages. Thumbnails for Employee, Items, Equipment: The Data Optimisation Interface replaces the former code by the new code in the database voswin, and in all the transactions using the former code.


Announcing the new COSWIN 7i, packed with innovations! | Siveco China | 喜科

Your company can thus choose the mode of deployment corresponding to your needs while complying with the IT policies in force. Wrongly formatted inputs are highlighted in red, masks force the user to input data according to the expected format AABB for instance.

Why choose Coswin 8i? A project is made up of tasks that can be linked together and may generate Work Orders. These customers have requirements that may:.

This will allow you to obtain a quick return on investment, whatever the size of your organisation and your sector Industry, Services, Health, Transport, Power, Defence New coswni considering to implement Coswin 8i to support a maintenance improvement project may also find this useful. By implementing innovative management solutions, the company assists facility owners and their service suppliers in optimizing the utilization of their assets and reducing their operation costs, while improving safety and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Coswin 8i offers the possibility to manage equipment metrology calibration, measurements, conformity, and history. Use of Coswin as a source of information for other applications. Workflow The purpose of this module is to optimise the validation circuit of the company.

Allows initialisation of a Coswin database from existing data Transfer of data saved coswwin systems other than Coswin Protects earlier database investments Allows creation as well as updating of basic records Handles the basic records as well as the parameter tables: Download the leaflet contact us.

As a result Coswin 8i can be implemented in very different configurations, from the simplest to the most complex, in a local or an extended network. This has also been one of the key concern when designing Coswin 8i.

Coswon this solution with us? Users have access anytime from anywhere via standard Internet browsers, which minimises network traffic and does not require the purchase of expensive computer devices. The reports are updated at regular intervals and can be automatically sent by email. Share information at all levels of the business Access information without Coswin knowledge Compare and consolidate your indicators across sites Manage your gateway after just two days of training Availability of approximately 40 reports Retain the history of your monthly reports Receive your alerts automatically.


Comments on status changes have even be added so that both parts can communicate in a cooswin transparent manner. At many customers, upgrading to Coswin 8i have been the opportunity to coswinn a fresh look at the basics of maintenance engineering and to discuss them freely.

The 3 reasons maintenance managers enjoyed upgrading to Coswin 8i | Smart O&M Newsletter

Working better through a more reliable operation of the system. Ready for the RCA or the investment request! Here is their feedback, from the point of view of maintenance managers. Control of the interfaces and their evolutions. Recognizing that different people have different needs and views, we are preparing similar articles from the perspective of IT managers and top managers. Upgrading to Coswin 8i shows that the management remains committed to give teams a strong tool to manage their maintenance.

Maintenance functions are collaborative and interact with other specialised company applications, so they are an integral part codwin the cosqin information system.

This optional module allows basic records and data tables to be imported into COSWIN from information included in external computer files. Siveco Group provides pre-defined reports and you can easily customise your own thanks to the standard integrated tool Siveco Reports. Allows the changing of codes previously not modifiable with Coswin Allows the changing of codes without opening Coswin Allows the grouping of several codes into a unique one Modifies the code on the basic index card and also in all the transactions using this code Maintenance and clearing tool for your Coswin database.

This file is generated manually or from external computer applications. The Data Optimisation Interface is an optional module allowing fast modification of the coding in the Coswin database. Inventory management Coswin 8i is for both single and multiple warehouses. Files attached directly available in WO, maintenance guidelines, etc. Coswin Analyzer is the perfect communication and publishing tool for management and assistance in making decisions regarding your maintenance activities.

A flexible offering We offer a range of choices for deployment of Coswin 8i:

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