THE CODE OF CIVIL PROCEDURE, (Act No. 5 of ). An Act to consolidate and amend the laws relating to the procedure of the Courts of Civil. Code of Civil Procedure THIRD SCHEDULE: Execution of Decrees by Collectors- Repealed by the Code of Civil Procedure (Amendment) Act, ]. Bare Act: Code Of Civil Procedure, Code Of Civil Procedure, Index. ( RELEVANT SECTIONS). PRELIMINARY. Section Pecuniary jurisdiction.

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Section 99 – No decree to be reversed or modified for error or irregularity not affecting merits or jurisdiction.

Section 44 – Execution of decrees passed by revenue courts in places to which this Code does not extend. When foreign States may sue. In which court the suit is to be filed in Mumbai. Since the executing court cannot travel beyond decree under execution, the said decree was held to be without jurisdiction; Kameshwar Das Gupta v. Partial exemption of agricultural produce.

Code of Civil Procedure, | Bare Acts | Law Library | AdvocateKhoj

Provided that where the pecuniary limits of the jurisdiction of any Court exercising the jurisdiction of a Court of Small Causes under the Provincial Small Cause Courts Act, 9 of 6 [or under a corresponding law in force in 7 [any part of India to which the said Act does not extend]] and not being a Court constituted 8 [under such Act or law], are less than two hundred and fifty rupees, the High Court may empower such Court to award as costs under this section any amount not exceeding two hundred and fifty rupees and not exceeding those limits by more than one hundred rupees:.


Section 86 – Suits against foreign Rulers, Ambassadors and Envoys. Section – Exemption from arrest under civil process. Actt on admissions Rule Order to answer or answer further Rule Court in which suits to be instituted.

Discovery, Inspection And Admission. Where a suit is for compensation for wrong done to the person or to movable property, if the wrong was done within the local limits of the jurisdiction of one Court and the defendant resides, or carries on business, or personally works for gain, within the local limits of the jurisdiction of another Court, the suit may be instituted at the option of the plaintiff in either of the said Courts.

Power to transfer suits which may be instituted in more than one Court. Added by Act No.

Bare Act: Code Of Civil Procedure, 1908

V of Act No. Laws keep changing, as our Legislators keep pacing up with the time.

The amendment made this Act shall not effect the validity, invalidity, effect or consequence of anything already done of suffered, or any jurisdiction already exercised, and any proceeding instituted or commenced in the High Court under section of the Code of Civil Baer, 5 ofprior to the commencement of this Act shall, cppc such amendment, continue to be heard and decided by such Court.

Unauthorized persons not to address Court. There is no intermediary stage for raising an objection to jurisdiction except filing of written statement and taking that plea unless gare matter is covered by section 9A of the Code; B. Execution of decree before ascertainment of costs.


Exemption of xct persons. Language of Subordinate Courts. The High Court, in cases arising out of original suits or other proceedings of the value exceeding one lakh rupees or such higher amount not exceeding five lakh rupees as the High Court may from time to time fix, by notification published in the Official Gazette including such suits or other proceedings instituted before the date of commencement of the U.

The Court to which a decree is sent for execution shall certify to the Court which passed it the fact of such execution, or where the former Court fails to execute the same the circumstances attending such failure. Section Bre – Place of trial to be deemed to be open Court.

Civil Procedure Code 1908 (CPC)

Committee to report to High Court. Where Court may authorize Collector to stay public sale of land.

Power of State Government to transfer suits. Second appeal on no other grounds. Arrest acf than in execution of decree. Pls Chk these points. Power to order discovery and the like. Code of Civil Procedure, Power of High Court to determine issues of fact. Subject to such conditions and limitations as may be prescribed, the Court may, on the application of the decree-holder, order execution of the decree.

Orders and notices to be in hare.

Proceeds of execution-sale to be rateably distributed among decree-holders.

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