Catholic Public Domain Version (CPDV) – Hundreds of versions in + different languages – the Bible that goes with you anywhere. Download now or read. Hey, I was wondering if anyone had read the Catholic Public Domain Version ( CPDV) Bible. It is a new translation of the Latin Vulgate that was. From March of to March of , I worked nearly every day translating the Latin Vulgate Bible into modern English. When completed, I.

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This is not a simple or easy task, but a group process can have much the same difficulty, cpxv a larger scale. Just like I think amateur singing and even Karaoke are good things – there is no “high art” without a solid base of amateur cpdb, and I for one would love illumination to return to bibles. Second, the fullness of truth found in Sacred Scripture is best expressed by maintaining separate, even if disparate, Scriptural traditions.

For the publication of their translations into the vernacular, it is also required that they be approved by the same authority and provided with necessary and sufficient annotations. So a one person translation merely contributes to the sum total of all translations, versions, editions, and manuscripts.

Catholic Bible

Decisions on the approval of Bible translations is a fallible act of the temporal authority, not an act of the teaching authority the Magisterium. Since the Challoner Douay-Rheims version was used as a guide in this translation, it was only reasonable to use the same source text used by Challoner et al. Tweedale, but available as a work in progress in was very helpful.

In regards to underlining books, especially Bibles, it’s one reason I enjoy reading books on a Kindle: The online edition here: Peter’s BasilicaVatican City. Formerly, a Bible translation could be published with the approval of a Bishop the local ordinary. Today, publishers and translators nible are making new efforts to more precisely align the texts of the Lectionary with the various approved translations of the Catholic Bible.

The Neo-Vulgate is an acceptable paraphrase version for use by the faithful, just as there are many Bible versions that loosely translate the Hebrew and Greek manuscripts into bibe languages. English that is as similar as possible to a proper understanding of the source text.


Will there be a replacement for the New American Bible in the U. There is the cprv that a one person translation might become owned by that person and used to make a profit. However, most of the group translations of the past 50 years or so have been influenced by secular society e. When I read other translations of the Bible into English, I find translation errors. Fifth, the Neo-Vulgate Nova Vulgatawhich is currently the official Latin text chosen by the Vatican, is not an acceptable source text.

Portals Access related topics. Catholic Church that corrects translation errors found in the New American Bible? The text is a more accurate representation of the source text, but, as a result, it is less eloquent, and even somewhat awkward sounding, as compared to a paraphrased translation. In another sense, a “Catholic Bible” is a Bible published in accordance with the prescriptions of Catholic canon lawwhich states:.

Views Read Edit View history. No one version or language can encompass all the fullness of meaning found in written Divine Revelation.

Information about the Catholic Public Domain Version of the Sacred Bible

If you check on his website, there is on demand printing of the entire CPDV in either multiple volume large cppdv or single volume regular print.

Some translators have expressed dismay over dramatic changes to the text by an editing committee, changes not supported by most of the translators. One can only expect so much eloquence and insight from any one person. A list of my Roman Catholic theology books and booklets.

Compare eight different versions, and you will generally find less than eight significant differences for any verse. Some single person translations may reflect the personal view of the Faith of the translator, in addition or even in opposition to the wider view of the community of believers.

For these reasons, the Clementine Latin Vulgate version of the Bible makes an excellent source text for a new translation of the Bible into modern English. This specifically Roman Catholic translation makes the Roman Catholic understanding of the text more easily accessible to the Catholic reader. I worked nearly every day cpv just over 5 years, translating and editing, in order to produce this work.


In the Church on earth, both types of translations are needed. Without diminishing the authority of the texts of the books of Scripture in the original languages, the Council of Trent declared the Vulgate the official translation of the Bible for the Latin Churchbut did not forbid the making of translations directly from the original languages.

Third, the Clementine Vulgate has undergone centuries of scholarship and critical review.

The Clementine Vulgate maintains an important separate Scriptural tradition of the Latin texts, independent of the Hebrew and Greek texts. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Bibles used by Catholics differ in the number and order of books from those typically found in bibles used by Protestantsas Catholic bibles remained unchanged following the Reformation and so retain seven books that were rejected principally by Martin Luther.

He is the founder of the Technical Blog www.

My Translation of the Bible: the CPDV | the reproach of Christ

If there is anything they desire to know, let them ask their husbands at home. The Greek text says skeuos, which means instrument or vessel. Therefore, it can never be said that individual translations are necessarily better, or that group translations are inherently flawed.

Worse still, many of these omissions are based on the work of Protestant Biblical scholars, who have no regard for the teaching of the Magisterium on any subject. Some scholars do not think that the Old Testament should be translated or interpreted in the light of the New Testament, or even that the whole Bible should be translated or interpreted in the light of Faith.

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