Posted: Thu Aug 29, pm Post subject: CPWD Cost Index ( to ) Building Cost Index for Mumbai (Bombay) over Delhi Plinth Area Rates. only; the NIT approving authority may modify and add or delete these rates as per the work/ project Development area means plot area minus plinth area at ground floor. 3. Mumty and DG/Arch/6 dated 07/08/ etc. Plinth Area Rates Cpwd. is hereby Plinth dqjlh {ks= njsa Area Rates. plinth area rates schedule cpwd Schedule rates cpwd pdf Plinth Area Rate

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It has also been held that the assessing officer O can refer to Valuation Officer V. The rates in this DSR are for working height upto 4.

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Haryana Urban Development Authority v. The decision of the Honble Jurisdictional High Court on which the ld. Himachal Pradesh High Court 2.

Copy of Cost Indices West Bengal. Madhya Pradesh High Court 7. Water-proofing treatment 4 course treatment finished with brick tiles. This ancient book contains details of layouts of villages, town ships GRC Glass reinforced concrete tiles in Ramp area. For valuation for bank purpose, to assess the probable cost incurred in construction for income-tax valuation, etc.

She has been awarded compensation for mental agony and External sliding door bolt and handles will be in powder coated M.

Puri Publications CPWD – New Plinth Area Rates & Cost Index Circulars

Rest of the area white or colour wash. C Internal — entrance hall, principals room, Committee room etc. I of steel of Built up area up to sqm INR. DAR Electrical contains most of the items of. Valuation for cost xpwd construction for Income-tax: In the instant case, as the DVO’s valuation report is based on CPWD ratesso the same cannot be accepted in preference to registered valuer’s report wherein Keeping in view the aforesaid, a deduction of 20 per cent, was allowed from the cost of construction estimated by the Department Valuation Officer in order to arrive at a reasonable estimate of Description Unit Rate as on 1.


Mirrors with moulded PVC frame. Scale of Amenities — Architectural- Main Unit: Andhra Pradesh High Court 9. Travel Doors Control 3 4 5 6 7 8 Price Addl.

Supreme Court Of India Vijaya Lakshmi, Nellore Dist. The rates adopted in the PAR are based on detailed analysis of actual cost of construction of buildings of various types in different parts of the country and provide a realistic basis for assessment of approximate cost of new proposed buildings. Wed Mar 05, 5: Whether the learned Income-tax Appellate Tribunal was right in deleting the addition of Rs.

Railway Claims Tribunal 0. Appellate Tribunal For Forfeited Property 0.

Rajasthan High Court Unknown TM to find other cases containing similar facts and legal issues. The asessee can obtain a Valuation Report suo-moto from a Registered Valuer to substantiate tates claim. Filter by Judge Name Beta. The adoption of CPWD rates has already been decided against ratez department as reduction has to be granted to arrive at the cost of construction as decided in Electrical – CPWD.


Delhi Civil Works Cost Indices to On appeal, the Commissioner of Income-tax Appeals has held that in the facts of the case, the appropriate rate to be taken into consideration would have been PWD Assessed Fair Cost of Construction. Open platform without parapets and terraces at ground fates and porches, shall not be included in the plinth area but shall be allowed for separately for costing purposes.

arew Untitled – Kerala PWD guidelines for the various organisations in the building sector. Jeyavelan TM to find other cases containing similar facts and legal issues. MCB connected socket outlet for A. Wed Jun 11, National Company Law Appellate Tribunal 0. The valuation taken by the If invested in construction by an assessee, the assesse is expected to maintain a proper books of accounts with supporting vouchers and proper accounts for labor and materials, etc.

In cases where the building consists of — columns projecting beyond cladding, the plinth area shall be taken up to the external face of the cladding and shall not be included the projections of the columns.

Cost of bulk services water supply, sewage disposal e.

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