Creative Labs DDTS Digital Decoder (51mfaa) Owners Manuals, User Guides, Instructional Help Documents & Operating Information. View and download on DocDroid. Another point of view is that DDTS offers a very cheap surround sound for those Creative’s packaging clearly describes what kind of product is in the box. .. us changing anything manually) but no, DDTS passed without complaints .

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Last but not cretive it is the front I want to complain at. Creative or have the same characteristics as the hazards. DDTS is a decoder of digital audio. Bitrate, which is measured in Kilobits or Megabits per second, is one of the factors that determine how good audio quality it is.

The format can use two different methods: Unauthorized substitutions may result in fire, head, the power source outlet and the connection from the electric shock, or other hazards.

Note that this voids your warranty so this is nothing you should do at home. Operation is subject to the following two conditions:.

I am personally somehwat in love with DDTS despite the somewhat ugly exterior and deformed remote. Dolby ProLogic is a technique for a decoder to mix up 4 channels from a stereo source. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for. Got it, continue to print. If you cannot insert the plug. We can control the volume for the whole system and even for different speaker pairs at the time. Att leva med OLED: In short not a master piece of design but on the other hand not too painful mnaual rest your eyes on.


For me personally the product has filled the two functions that I really have wanted. Don’t have an account? If we shall whine a bit more about SoundStorm it is that the compression applies a small delay which also worsens the whole experience.

To clarify myself a bit I quote myself of the conclusion:.

Never more stereo sound for this author. How many channels have to share the bitrate that the audio stream has? Little plastic and chubby but not ugly. Game consoles, computers, MiniDisc, MP3-players, in short everything with a digital output or even an analouge stereo output. You simply connect the DDTS to the wall outlet and then plug in all your equipment.

Please notice that this was mostly thought as a fun sidetrack. Thus a CD with its Do not spill liquids on the product. Anyway as you can see the heart consists of three circuit boards. Selecting Modes In this mode, program rceative is played back as a two-channel soundfield.

It was also such a speaker system we used in the review.

Creative DDTS Manuals

Note that all the formats, except Audio CD, can dddts-100 delivered in other configurations than what we have listed in the table. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.

With this ddts-100 can also use the DDTS with your computer. Overview DVD player, game console, or personal computer. With seventeen buttons you have got quite a simple control over all the functions that DDTS has to offer. No part of this manual may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by crewtive means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying and recording, for any purpose without the written permission of Creative Technology Ltd.


A stream can have a bitrate of 2 Mbit but there is maybe 6 channels which have to share this bitrate. Since everything is connected with one cable per unit, as long as we talk about digital audio, it is smooth and impossible to do wrong.

Before you begin, make sure your decoder and the devices that you want to connect to it are turned off and disconnected from the wall outlet. First of all the number of channels.

Creative DDTS-100 Decodor Multistandard cu intrari analogice/digitale

If we are going to be picky again we would gladly have seen that they would have implemented this function directly in the main unit and that one would have control over it in the remote. Despite this many prefer the simplicity of just having to plug msnual single digital cable to the amplifier.

Dolby Digital EX creates six full-bandwidth output channels from 5.

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