Days of War, Nights of Love has ratings and reviews. Burkey said: i Published January 1st by Crimethinc (first published January 1st ). And it is not a Move- ment” either: for such and as such to its decline. As crimethink exists the currents outside the chain. CrimethInc. is the that win take us . Days of War, Nights of Love was clandestinely published by CrimethInc., an (in) famous anarchist group. It was written as some sort of manifesto.

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Thoughts on Days of War, Nights of Love – Signals

Table of Contents Preface: Heavily illustrated with photos, cartoons, posters, and other useful accoutrements for the new millenium. Jan 26, Andrew rated it it was ok.

Stop telling people it’s ok. Did Fight Club or get under your skin, make you crimwthinc longing or rebelious? Luckily, there’s a range of ways you can filter the library content to suit your needs, from casual browsing to researching a particular topic. It was actually a surprise to me, coming from CrimethInc, as anyone who has listened to their Ex-Worker podcast knows they can tend toward vehement and unequivocal scorn of anything they deem counterrevolutionary-in-theory.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Dec 30, Nova rated it it was amazing.

Table of Contents

All parts of this book may be reproduced and transmitted in any form by any means, electronic or mechanical, especially including photocopying if it is done at the expense of some unsuspecting corporation. The books vehement insistence that living is more important than art carries the argument beyond the typical debate.


There are five of ’em up there because I think that it’s good that someone put all of these articles in one spot for the kids. If a fairly inspiring rant is what you’re looking for, though, then you’re in the right place.

While reading, try not to crimtehinc about rich kids trying to slum it in dumpsters. Other recommended methods include broadcasting readings over pirate radio, reprinting tracts in unwary newspapers, and just signing your own name to this and publishing it as your own work. I didn’t hate it like I hated Evasion, dasy it kind of serves dahs a reminder of how even when I was into the whole “anarchist” thing I didn’t quite buy into it.

Feb 15, Evelyn rated it liked it Shelves: What a powerful book this was. To see what your friends thought of this crimethind, please sign up.

Crimethind these reasons if nothing else I’d say the book has some redeeming factors. Morals, they say, don’t exist and individuals should create their own ethical systems prov The first time I read this book was years and years ago. I don’t want to be playing Monopoly, I want to be playing a game that everyone can enjoy. Dec 16, Anton rated it liked it. Sort of a Situ-inspired Steal This Book for everyday life, love, and how to live it.

It came at the right time in my life and was given to me by someone I deeply respect and admire for the amount of passion they have. I hadn’t thought about Crimethinc in years and years when I just stumbled across it on someone’s Goodreads page, but now when I look at my daily life – the questions I still ask, the books I read, the work I do, the relationships I build – I can see its influence everywhere.

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Days of War Nights of Love

Feb 23, Marcus K rated it it was ok. Feb 04, Doc rated it liked it Shelves: Oct 17, Leah rated it did not like it. I hate this book. Lies, exaggerations and blatant plagiarisms mix freely with passionate arguments. May 07, Marion rated it it was amazing Shelves: Posted By Reddebrek Aug 27 Plus, any book that encourages people to take control of their own lives dayz find a way to really ‘live’ instead of just existing, is always going to get an extra star from me.

Trivia About Days of War, Nigh Feb 14, Sam added it. This book offers a decent motivation for or inspiration for those who want to break outside the system.

I was like yes! Take the ideas in it as far as you want or just think about them. To say I “read” this is a misnomer: From the official website: However, the reality of the glorification of living outside of society leaves one very important s Homelessness and dumpster-diving as a movement, served up from the upper-class.

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