Crokinole rules, scoring, setup and even optional rules compiled and composed by Crokinole Depot. Rules of Crokinole. For Competitive Play. Basic Rules of Play. 1) Getting Ready a ) Aplayerorteam’sinitial orderofplay,colourofdiscs,andseatingposition,shall. OFFICIAL CROKINOLE RULES **All participants are encouraged to read these rules carefully. Playing Guidelines The object of the game is to shoot your disc.

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The WCC also awards a prize for the top hole shooter in the qualifying round of competitive singles, recreational singles, cues singles, intermediate singles, and in the junior singles.

World-class quality crokinole boards, handmade in Big Bay, Ontario.

One player will hide a disc of each colour in her hands. Crokinole A crokinole board. Middle circle counts 10 points for each disc. A game consists of 4 rounds. With 4 players, the play is progressive or clockwise.

For example, say “white” goes first. The team that wins the next round, adds to its own score. Scorecard must be completed legibly in ink.

Any discs on or beyond this line, after a shot is completed, must be placed in the ditch. If any unusual situation not covered in these rules occurs, the head referee will make a ruling after reviewing it with players involved.

However, if a player or team has had one less shot, they will be allowed to take one last shot immediately after the buzzer to even out number of shots taken. Board and Table Games from Many Civilizations. The following breakdown will be used in the various categories: The earliest known crokinole board was made by craftsman Eckhardt Wettlaufer in in Perth CountyOntarioCanada.


With 2 players, the player that won the round goes first. Any corrections made on your score card must be initialled by a referee. The tournament also holds doubles divisions for competitive fingers-shooting competitive doublesnovices recreational doublesyounger players youth doubles, 6—16yrsand cues-shooting cues doubles. The person with the higher total points crokinloe all of the tied players will be placed higher. Once your hand is in a shooting position and the disc leaves your ruules or cue, a shot is judged to have taken place.

At no time may any part of the body, except the feet, touch the floor.

Rules — Crokinole Craft

For scoring procedures see 4 Scoring d In singles, players will alternate starting rounds. The object of the game is to position shooting discs on the playing surface in such manner that they remain within the highest scoring circles by the end of the round.

The National Crokinole Association NCA is a federation that supports existing, and the development of new, crokinole clubs and tournaments. Neither the board unless a rotating table is being usednor the chair of any player, may be moved while the game is in progress. If it successfully lands completely within the “20” hole the disc is removed crokijole set aside to count as 20 points at the end of the round.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. List of world sports championships.

Crokinole – Wikipedia

Download a sample scorecard. Carom billiards Three-cushion individual team artistic five-pin English billiards amateurs Crokinole Pocket billiards eight-ball nine-ball ten-ball straight pool Snooker six-red women amateurs. In doubles, the start of each round will move clockwise. Crokinnole playing without this rule, a player may generally make any shot desired, crokionle as long as a disc remains completely inside the outer line of the playfield, it remains on the board.


Tie-Breaking Procedure In the preliminary rounds: Outer circle counts 5 points for each disc. Zero points for a loss.

According to Carrom rules, the powder must be of high quality to keep the surface smooth and dry, and shall not be wet. Play progresses clockwise around the board. A board game similar to crokinole was patented on 20 April by Joshua K. The qualifying round is played in a large randomly determined crokionle. The name “crokinole” derives from croquignolea French word today designating:.

Once a disc rulfs the finger or cue, a shot is judged to have taken place. The difference of the count between the players or teams, is the score for that round.

Retrieved 30 September The movie follows some of the competitors of the World Crokinole Championship as they prepare for the event. The discs are roughly checker -sized, slightly smaller in diameter than the board’s central hole, and may have concave faces to reduce sliding friction. Play crkkinole in a clockwise fashion.

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