Crowds and Power [Elias Canetti, Carol Stewart] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Crowds and Power is a revolutionary work in which . CROWDS AND POWER by. ELIAS CANETTI. Translated from the German by. Carol Stewart. NEW YORK. THE VIKING PRESS. I evident when Canetti cannot avoid referring to Freud’s Schreber case, but resorts to destructive power of crowds has never been explained; he fails to mention.

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Canetti draws a parallel between ruling and paranoia. In late s he started to live in Zurich permanently.

More literary than scientific, Canetti’s anthropological investigation of crowd behavior will leave you looking both at human behavior and the natural world in ;ower ways. An important book for better understanding oneself, religion, politics, sports fans, high school, and just about anything else. Het is een geniaal en ongelofelijk origineel essay van ruim bladzijden, in twaalf briljante essayistische hoofdstukken waarin elke paragraaf ook weer een parel is van essayistische eigenzinnige schrijfkunst.

Behalve genadeloos is Canetti echter ook appellerend. Congregants must be united but not excited enough to press for too rapid expansion nor irritated enough by its demands to provoke departure. Daarmee reageert hij uiteraard op de angstwekkende massa en macht- fenomenen die we leerden kennen in met name de Tweede Wereldoorlog, maar ook nog erna. Crowds and Ajd is a revolutionary work in which Elias Canetti finds a new way of looking at human history and psychology.

Classification of Crowds according to Their Prevailing Emotion.

Maar ik hoop dat ik althans iets over weet te brengen van zijn werkelijk genadeloze boodschap. Given its date of publicationCrowds and Power is a rather sophisticated appreciation of organisation compared with the puerile cajetti of such topics as ‘Authority Structure’ and ‘Line vs. It shows Canetti’s pet-peeves and prejudices as well as his erudition.

En het is bovendien intrigerend om als lezer jezelf onder te dompelen in het brein van een zo scherpzinnige, creatieve en oorspronkelijke denker en schrijver. The book is admirable for its erudition and scope, ranging through history, anthropology, mythology, psychology, politics, biology, and more to give All I hear is praise for this book.

Crowds and Power is also something like Dr Johnson’s dictionary. Op vergelijkbare, maar naar mijn smaak nog meeslepender wijze geeft Canetti vorm en inhoud aan het begrip “macht”. April 25, by amarilla. Mij vrijwaren voor het bevel van anderen gaat nooit helemaal lukken, en mijzelf afleren om macht uit te oefenen al helemaal niet. Waar een normaal non-fictie boek ons poogt te overtuigen met argumentatie en logica, daar betovert Canetti ons met ongehoord originele essayistiek en met de enorme kracht van zijn metaforische beelden.


Of om dat op zijn minst te proberen. Maar deze zinnen maken door de kracht van hun formulering wel de irrationele intensiteit van deze oerangst fraai voelbaar. De angst voor de inbreker geldt niet alleen zijn roofzuchtige bedoelingen, ze is ook een vrees voor zijn plotselinge, onverwachte greep uit het donker. Recommended on a blog by Charles Lemos, at [now defunct] bythefault. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

En hij maakt daarmee ervaringsintensiteiten voelbaar of zichtbaar die je in een conventionele wetenschappelijke of beschouwelijke tekst niet zult zien. The insights in this book are raw, to the point, and so far, are the most accurate ad imaginative descriptions of cnaetti deepest and most embedded motives and behaviors of humankind. Nel commercio le merci vengono prese e lasciate, canefti e consegnate. He enjoys this and consequentially asks more and more questions; every answer he receives is an act of submission.

Zijn angels moeten tot pluisjes worden die men met een lichte beweging wegstrijkt”. Property is the imperative for humans to reproduce, as it supplies more bodies for the culture industry to appeal to. His definition of the ‘increase crowd’ which is crystallised around an associated ‘increase pack’ is not an irrelevant way to view modern corporate organisations. Retrieved from ” https: Because this is what annoys me to no end about books and people in general, when they present their obviously biased and very subjective opinions as the absolute truth emitted by the other worldy authority that they cgowds they are.

There is no introduction and the structure of the book is very loosely held together.

Jun 29, Brett Green rated it liked it Shelves: He relates that a lion on the prowl that reveals its presence to other animals by its roar has the effect of making them flee. I primati usano le mani per muoversi sugli alberi di ramo in ramo. Each essay, which might include references as diverse as the anthropology of South American tribes to the history of European warfare, contains some comment which is not only arresting but revelatory of profound insight.


Refreshing because after almost six decades this inter-disciplinary work has never found a disciplinary home in the social sciences and consequently never has been turned into countless doctoral theses and academic articles. Men moet de moed hebben zich ertegen te verzetten en zijn heerschappij aan het wankelen te brengen. Email required Address never made public.

Crowds and Power

Die Canetti vervolgens met allerlei voorbeelden uit mythen en antropologische bronnen nog weer extra vorm en inhoud geeft, op meeslepende wijze. And in my attempts to regard his legacy in contemporary studies, I am surprised to see a near-total absence.

Dec 14, Hadrian rated it really liked it Shelves: Nov 25, Philip marked it as to-read. This essay was meant to diagnose the key problems of contemporary post-World War II society.

A person loses his fear of being touched only when packed in a crowd, and at this moment his fear of being touched reverses itself into its opposite. Finally through this intellectual thicket Furthermore, Canetti believes that these packs are equivalent to our modern masses, except for the difference that masses strive to grow while packs do not generally strive for numeric growth. On rare occasions in this monumental book the writing gets slow or old-fashioned, but ‘Crowds and Power’ is still a well of information and ideas that resonates canetti as much as when it was published.

The command to flee or vacate is in our origin.

Crowds and Power – Elias Canetti – Google Books

Zelfs de kleren waarborgen niet genoeg veiligheid; hoe gemakkelijk zijn ze niet te verscheuren, hoe gemakkelijk is het niet om tot het naakte, weerloze vlees van de aangevallene door te dringen. Uses many anthropoligical examples, although some links are more tenuous than others.

They have an emotional significance that is real the last night of the Proms comes to mind, as does the role of the Dijkgraaf in the political unity of Holland. Literature, poetry, English, and Behavioral Science students.

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