The Crucifixion – John Stainer ( – ). Stainer was one of the most distinguished musicians of his generation. In he was appointed organist of St. Modelled on the great passion settings of J.S. Bach, Stainer’s Crucifixion is amongst the most popular of all English choral works and vividly portrays the events. 1 Music files. Complete work; Individual movements. 3. Processional to Calvary (Fling wide the gates); Hymn: Cross of Jesus.

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He was renowned for his considerable scholarship as a researcher into and editor of early music.

Unlike the passions, however, there is no orchestra to provide light and shade to accompaniments and add piquancy or crucifixikn to the drama. The congregation is invited to stand for these hymns and so directly take part in a communal celebration at this crucial point in the liturgical year.

His good works must have crucifixon well noted in high places as in he was made principal of the National Training School for Music and his generous offices were rewarded by Queen Victoria in with a Knighthood.

Download onto your iPhone via iTunes. John Stainer Part 2 – The Agony. The complete set of audio files of this Chorus Rehearsal Aid for you to use whenever and wherever you want.

Former operatic roles have included: She is a founder member of the Voices of London Festival, and is also a published and prize-winning composer. She currently sings with various professional ensembles including: Robert is in demand as a soloist and has also enjoyed numerous opera roles on stage.


While Great Britain was making the running in most of the arts and crafts, music seemed barely to be on the agenda—at least so far as home-grown talent was concerned. How should we view The Crucifixion today? Is it nothing to you Bass The appeal of the crucified Recit. If you do, please would you be kind enough to advise me by e-mail – bawden37 sky.

November Total duration: Two years later he met Sir Frederick Ouseley, then Professor of Music at Oxford who, as a prodigious youth, had impressed no less a figure than Mendelssohn.

Before concentrating on operatic projects she was a regular on the choral circuit in London and continues to perform as a member of Blossom Street. He was an Oxford Professor, a general inspector of music education and held presidencies of several professional bodies.

Handel and Mendelssohn remained the staple diet, supplemented by a host of native English oratorios often written in pale imitation of the two German titans. Adept at choral singing, he has appeared frequently in concert, on television, and on recordings.

Stainer – Crucifixion

Of these, Cross of Jesus must be counted amongst the finest of all hymn-tunes. She studied music at the University of York, winning the York University Concerto Prize and, following her MA, she continued her vocal training at Birmingham Conservatoire where she was a finalist in various competitions and winner of the Birmingham Conservatoire Singing Prize. Gramophone products and those of specially selected partners from the world of music. While Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven had rapidly become staples of the orchestral, chamber and instrumental classical canon, music for religious purposes had been somewhat stifled ever since the Puritan tirades against liturgical and theatrical music.


If you wish to use these notes for commercial purposes, e. The site is also available in several languages.

Turner and the Duke of Wellington, crcifixion Stainer The Crucifixion The Crucifixion. Two years later, he died of heart failure, on 31 March, whilst holidaying in Verona.

Stainer’s Crucifixion – Alto Chorus Rehearsal Aid

John Stainer Part 10 – Litany of the Passion. Introduction English In the monumental Victorian era, cruciflxion Britain ruling the waves and at the zenith of its economic, military, industrial and imperial power, artists, architects, poets and polymaths seemed to be ten-a-penny. Retrieved from ” http: He quickly became one of the leading solo boys and is known to have sung at some extremely prestigious events, such as the funerals of artist J.

This is hardly to say that the British Isles were not awash with great music—they certainly were, but little of it was indigenous. The Crucifixion – John Stainer – Alma-Tadema, Burne-Jones, Millais and co.

Stainer’s Crucifixion – Alto Chorus Rehearsal Aid – Chord Perfect

This file is part of the Sibley Mirroring Project. And one of the malefactors The adoration of the crucified Recitative: Stainer was one of the most distinguished musicians of his generation.

Instead they were regarded as merely sacred and dramatic, which seemed even to please everyone, even many a hard-line Nonconformist.

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