CS Computer Organization and Architecture Lecture Notes – Ebook download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Notes. CSComputer-Organization-and-Architecture lecture notes Anna University CSE 6TH SEMESTER. Complete Lecture Notes of CS Computer Organization and Architecture Unit_5. hosted by Saravana Kumar TM | Monday, 31 March

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What are the applications of an embedded system?

GE BEEE nov/dec Important Questions & Notes Question

Initial design is developed and tested against the requirements. The method of IPC used may vary based on the bandwidth and latency of communication between the threads, and the type of data being communicated.

It is used for displaying and messaging. Explain the functions of various buses used during transfer 5.

Compkter memory – program can be located anywhere in memory. Array 1-dimentional and multi-dimentional 4. It can be also used to solve various synchronization problems. What are the main components of an embedded system? All the arguments pass the values and none of the argument is a pointer. The system must provide necessary circuit and software for the output to LCD controller.

A class declaration defines a new type that links code and data. ME Engineering Materials and Metallurgy.

Explain pass by reference. There are three key parts of its structure: Explain the various bus structures used in embedded systems 8.

Where is it used? Gajski shown in Fig. Question Bank – Metal Trades Technology. CPU scheduling is the basis of multi-programmed operating systems. Asynchronous serial UART input lectture output iii.


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List the advantages of multibus organization. Data memory – the processor always uses bit addresses so that data can be placed anywhere.

Three main components of embedded systems: What is an embedded system? Evolution of human resource management — The importance of the human factor — Challenges — Inclusive growth and affirmative action -Role of human resource manager — Human resource policies — Computer applications in human resource management copmuter Human resource accounting and botes.

Newer Post Older Post Home. More and more vendors are selling or giving away their processors and peripherals in a form that is ready to be integrated into a programmable logic-based design. We share information about your activities on the lecrure with our partners and Google partners: When the product is ready to ship in large quantities, the programmable device will be replaced with a less expensive, though functionally equivalent, hard-wired alternative Clock rate information is transmitted by the transmitter.

The archiyecture are the types of preprocessor directives: Or a large device may be included to allow prototyping of a system-on-a-chip design that will eventually find its way into an ASIC. A process is a program that performs a specific function.

What do you meant by high speed device interfaces?

QUESTION BANK – Jayaram College of Engineering and Technology

It lcture separate stack and program counter for each task. What are the datatypes available in C language? Give the VLSI design hierarchy The use of hierarchy or “divide and conquer” technique involves dividing a module into sub- modules and then repeating this operation on the sub-modules until the complexity of the smaller parts becomes manageable.


The gate count by itself is almost useless. What are the four types of data transfer used in USB? What are the two orthogonal views of software? The fixed logic contains a fully functional processor and perhaps even some on-chip memory.

Give some examples for medium scale embedded systems afchitecture,80×86, ,68HC11xx Boot-up program, stack address pointer, program counter address pointer, application tasks, ISRs, input data, RTOS and vector addresses. Under what situations the micro program counter is not incremented after a new instruction is fetched from micro program memory?

What does the execution unit of a processor in an embedded system do? Operates at the rate of 1Mbps. Explain the basic processors and hardware units in the embedded system 7. Rapid IO interconnect specification v1. What is instruction hazard? What is a data hazard? Thus a class is an logical abstraction but an object has physical existence. A function does does cs22253 call a function by itself when it is not reentrant. The execution unit implements data transfer and data conversion. Inheritance is the process by which objects of one class acquire the properties of objects of another class.

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