CSD7 Servo Drive (EtherCAT Network type) User Manual Catalog Number(s): CSD7_**BN(F)1 Important User Information Solid state equipment has. CSD7 series servo drive have a various power range such as from W to 5KW. The CSD5 is a universal, stand-alone servo drive that can be used. CSD5 is a stand-alone type Servo Drive to use general purpose for overall factory The added features of CSD5 such as linear motor control solution and.

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Signal Figure Description P The the wires where this symbol is located for the noise prevention. Because of the many variables and requirements associated with any particular installation, Setvo Automation Co. In this the chapter, it describes the output function of encoder information.

Z-phase signal OFF 1: Never touch the revolving part of the motor during operation. Do not wiring if it does not using the emergency stop.

CSD5 Servo Drive User Manual

Safety, policy and warranty. Servo-ON signal is input while the main power turns off. Therefore, it is recognized that the response quality of servomotor is improved at the same time.

The above two load factors can be monitored in the following two ways. The table below shows the brief functions of each item in the operation mode.

These documents are provided by our technical support department to assist others. Basic Setting Parameter Description Ft In this case, the node address is set as Auto Detection of Inertia Ratio 2. For more information on these cssd5 and others, please refer to the ProNet User s Manual. External command and position command is not Confirm the wiring of input terminal and input it inputted. At this time, the servo drive stops the operation. As shown in the figure, insert lever in the socket and press it.


The encoder type setting error or encoder open fault occurs. Note Because internal torque limit is always valid, so if the setting values of external serfo limit and overtravel torque limit are bigger than the internal torque limit, the setting value of external torque limit and overtravel torque torque limit are meaningless.

CSD5 Servo Drive. User Manual. Catalog Number(s): CSD5_xxBX1 – PDF

So be careful of the setting. The followings are the related parameters to set. B Important User Information Solid state equipment has operational characteristics differing from css5 of electromechanical.

Read carefully the following Table 53 prior to use. That is, the drive generates an fault to protect itself from the E.

CSD5 Servo Drive. User Manual. Catalog Number(s): CSD5_xxBX1

Battery Connection to Battery 1. The table below shows the brief contents of each item in the monitor mode. Refer to the servo motor exclusively for the CSD7 drive. The motor does not run. Therefore, if position command is entered as the type to be changed rapidly that is to say, in case of high acceleration or high decelerationovershoot can be caused by position FF. The common ground plate should be installed close to the drive as much as possible.

Motor or drive is overheated.


Free Run Stop Free run stop means that the motor is stopped by the mechanical friction of load only. It is classified depending on the importance, but when an abnormality segvo, remove the cause immediately and use the servo drive in normal conditio. Therefore, when you use the position mode, the gain can be set properly. It is left as blank if there is no applicable capacity of the motor type.

If you set too low, the response become slow and if you set it too high, vibration or noise can occur. G of input power and motor power to the grounding terminal of the Heat Sink drive. The operation can be possible in the range of 0 to rpm and the initial setting speed is 50 rpm.

CSD5 Servo Drive User Manual |

There are three kinds of operation mode for auto tuning as below. Turns to ON, when the position error is within the set value of the position completion range [Ft A figure box with both the top corners cut off diagonally represents a circuit diagram.

This is to keep the vertical axis load. The motor can be run in operation mode. It can adjust five basic gains at the same time.

ConoL 0x 0x25 of Motor occurs when current that motor coil the average flow through the exceed the rated motion profile.

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