Buy CXZ/H20 with extended same day shipping times. View datasheets , stock and pricing, or find other Modem Modules. CXZ Specifications: Device Type: Modem ; Supply Voltage: V ; Data Rate: 2 kbps Details, datasheet, quote on part number: CXZ. Case/Package, LCC. Data Rate, Kbps. Mount, Surface Mount. Operating Supply Voltage, V. Compliance. RoHS: Compliant. Datasheets. Conexant.

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Small, low-profile packages, reduced voltage operation, and low power consumption make this device set an ideal solution for embedded applications.

The modem supports speed buffering at all line speeds. Additionally, new non-standard sequences have been developed to better support POS applications. Information in this document is provided in connection with Conexant Systems, Inc.

Parameters are constantly adjusted to maintain stability with automatic fallback from full-duplex to pseudo-duplex operation. The conductive surface satasheet on the bottom of the package and referred to as pin 17 is connected internally to device analog ground.


In normal or error-correction mode, this inactivity timer is reset when data is received from either the DTE or from the line. The modem can detect and qualify ring signals and process AT commands. Position these capacitors very close to the VC pin. Using a string of commands, the modem negotiates with the server to place the data connection on hold while the line is released so that it can be used to conduct a voice call.

TAM Mode is supported by four submodes: Newport Beach, CA Conexant customers using or selling Conexant products for use in such applications do so at their own risk and agree to fully indemnify Conexant for any damages resulting from such improper use or sale. Speech received from the telephone line is shaped, converted to analog form, and output to the speaker or handset. Connect to DIB transformer primary winding terminal. Supporting stream mode, the modem sends data frames in varying lengths depending on the amount of time between characters coming from the DTE.

  ISO 2361-1 PDF

When enabled, caller ID information date, time, caller code, and name can be passed to the DTE in formatted or unformatted form. The CX current and power requirements are listed in Table Calculated voltage is applied to this output to control off-hook and DC VI mask operation.

This mode supports applications such as digital telephone answering machine, voice annotation, and recording from and playback to the telephone line. In the fax mode, the on-line behavior of the modem is different from the data non-fax mode.

Voice Receive Mode supports recording voice or audio data input from the telephone line. The part numbers for this design are: An unterminated input can acquire unpredictable voltages through coupling with stray capacitance and internal cross talk. The dictionary is dynamically updated during normal operation.

The modem can automatically determine the speed and format of the data sent from the DTE. The maximum, minimum, and default values can be defined to match specific country and DAA requirements.

However, it is advised that normal precautions be taken to avoid application of any voltage higher than cx02548 rated voltage. For example, this feature allows set top boxes with an dx20548 CSMSP modem to give normal voice users the highest priority over the telephone line. CX Codec Current Requirements Digitized audio data is converted to analog form then output datasyeet the TXA output.


The speakerphone algorithm allows position independent placement of microphone and speaker. When connected in V. The punch-style package is shown in Figureand the sawn-style package is shown in Figure Voice Transmit Mode supports playback of voice or audio data to the telephone line.

After dialing, modem operation is controlled by fax commands. If this occurs, retraining daasheet be initiated to attempt recovery depending on the type of connection. The pin QFN package dimensions are shown in Figure Leave open for All tone and pattern detection functions required by the applicable ITU or Bell standards are supported.

Conexant may make changes to this document at any time, without notice. Ia Receive Analog Input. Applies to types I and O unless dwtasheet indicated. Speakerphone Mode features an advanced proprietary speakerphone algorithm which supports full-duplex voice conversation with acoustic, line, and handset echo cancellation. Position these capacitors very close to the VREF pin. Received analog mono audio samples are converted to digital form and formatted into 8-bit unsigned linear PCM format for reading by the host.

Loss of Carrier Datashheet.

cx Conexant Systems, Inc., cx Datasheet – Page 10

A value of 0 disables the inactivity timer. Voice-call-first VCF before switching to a videophone call is also supported. Conexant strives to produce quality documentation and welcomes your feedback.

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