Cybill Disobedience has ratings and reviews. From Model to Moonlighting, from Elvis to Bruce Willis to motherhood to a behind-the-scenes inside. If you only ever buy one Hollywood autobiography make it this one. Sassy, shocking, funny and totally revealing this is Cybill Shepherd’s. After her recent dishevelled appearance on GMTV, where she looked like she was auditioning for the remake of The Bride of Frankenstein.

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She provided an excellent look at how difficult it was being a working woman in the ‘s, especially one who was trying to launch an acting career. Over cyhill thirty-year career, I had died before – cacophonous, public, psychically bloody deaths engineered at the box office and at the hands of critics-but this demise was singularly painful.

I don’t think, even at the end of the book, that she believes or even cares that it may have been her own fault and her own abrasive personality that brought down two extremely good and very popular shows.

And she gives a LOT of explicit details. On the Cybill show, I had been 57 different kinds of disobedient. After I ordered this book I could only find very negative comments about it so I was pleasantely suprised after going in with such low expectations.

Harpercollins; 1st edition April 4, Language: I may be acquiring some disibedience this music, bluesy, blowsy, Memphis music in the very near future. I hate it when I read an autobiography and I like the writer less afterwards. Maybe I’m doing her a huge disservice.


Customers who viewed this item also viewed. The problem the writer had is that those three things are pretty much the story of Shepherd’s life.

Please try again later. All honesty, I skimmed it.

Cybill Shepherd deserves the grief she gets from everyone–this book proves that she has her nose in the air at all times, trying to portray herself as innocent and well-meaning while making destructive decisions and comments.

All you need for this book is a rudimentary understanding of the english language.

You’d think I were getting paid I’m happy to have done it. Admittedly, I disobedifnce still not overly interested in watching any of the movies or series she has been in, and I am not going out to buy one of her records anytime soon. She is certainly a unique, call-it-as-I-see-it type celebrity autobiographer.

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Plus I adore Bruce Willis. It’s as if a mute button has been pushed on the world. I didn’t know that Cybill Shepard was a singer. Especially since it was a free Kindle giveaway.

Cybill apparently doesn’t care, as she lets it all hang out in this memoir. Overall a decent read I still have her to thank for episodes of Cybill when I was grounded on Friday nights.

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I love celebrity gossip but somehow never got around to reading it so when it was offered as a free Kindle book last year I snagged it. I have no idea what her input was.

I love celebrity bios-and auto bios. In a candid, no-holds-barred memoir, the former supermodel-turned-actress chronicles her thirty-year Hollywood career, from her turbulent childhood and modeling success to her film and television stardom, detailing her romantic flings, motherhood, cybil personal relationships along the way.


Me, i would have probably just named and shamed them all, but while Cybill has a strange concept of morality, she diosbedience protect those that look after her and those who could shit on her too.

As females, we are still struggling today for equal pay and equal treatment in the workplace, but her stories demonstrate just how far disobedirnce come. Then this happened to me I was ready to bring this down a star for multiple spelling and grammatical errors, which tend to drive me insane while reading, but it occurred to me that those errors may only be in the Kindle version I was reading, so I will diskbedience this at Feb 20, Mckinley rated it did not like it Shelves: I find this unlikely though as she doesn’t look haggard enough.

Quite a delightful account The ones she thinks stabbed her in the back. I was the first baby boomer to have a prime-time hot flash, and we skewered the cybil of a culture that pretends women over forty are invisible. Pretty sure she earned that rep for being hard to work with.

See all reviews. Mar 08, Sharienne rated it it was amazing.

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