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Find the most up-to-date version of DA PAM at Engineering Find the most up-to-date version of ARMY – DA PAM at Engineering AK Pam , 10 October and TMs. U. 2. DA Pam RESPONSIBILITIES: a. Army ranges and training areas in the Republic of Korea ( ROK).

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TCdated October EO training will be interactive, discussion-based, and focus on these topics— 1 Objectives of the Army EO program. Harrassment and Discrimination Policy. Public LawOct 80 Month: Maintain, where appropriate, informal liaison with community organization fostering civil rights. Summary of Required Reports 4.

Assist the commander in implementing a Consideration of Others Program. Signature Block Command Climate Survey The Command Climate Survey must be used by company commanders within 90 days of assuming command, and annually thereafter. Model Policy Issued by: Assist commanders and assigned project officers in preparing and conducting ethnic observances and special commemorations. Commanders will document training on the unit-training schedule and lead the training. Are required statistical reports on EO progress and personnel being submitted as required and maintained on file?


Individuals are responsible for: Depending on the various aspects of the complaint and individuals involved, that lowest level commander may not be the immediate company or even battalion level commander of the complainant.

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Does EO training, include but not limited to sexual harassment, and is it being conducted as required? The commander will discuss issues that surface from assessment and develop an action plan to improve unit climate with members within the unit.

Has the command developed, planned, and conducted annual ethnic observances consistent with published timetable? Serves as a resource person for EO matters in the unit. Assist commanders in assessing, planning, implementing, and evaluating the EO program. Use of the Command Pma Survey is voluntary for battalion commanders.

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This is a good time to ask soldiers for clarification on any survey results that are unclear. However, it is required that the Command Climate Survey be administered at a minimum at the interval specified above. Subordinate unit SOP must conform to lam policies and procedures provided herein.

Has an EO Representative been appointed on orders to assist the Commander appointment orders posted on the unit board? Sexual Harassment Complaint Form. Consideration of Others training will be conducted on a quarterly basis as well. Assist commanders in the recognition of detractors from a healthy unit EO climate.

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DA Pamphletchange 1, dated August Prepare and assist the commander in the conduct of EO training. Does the unit have the following policy letters displayed on the unit bulletin board: Conduct staff assistance visits to subordinate units. Formal complaint 1 A formal complaint is one that a pan files in writing and swears to the accuracy of the information.

Commanders at all levels must ensure that this Ds is implemented and maintained at all operating levels, and ensure that all personnel are aware of these policies, procedures, and programs. Confidentiality will neither be guaranteed nor promised to the complainant by agencies other than the chaplain or a lawyer. To provide equal opportunity for all military personnel, civilian employees, and their family members both on and off post and within the laws of localities, states, and host nations.

Conduct unit staff assistance visits in accordance with Command Inspection Checklist at Encl. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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