Garyuan Dojo Hontai Yoshin Ryu Esami Hontai Yoshin Ryu Spectacular Daito-ryu Aiki Budo Demonstration with Katsuyuki Kondo (). Look up Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu to get an idea of what old Aikido was like. That is what . SAMURAI SPIRIT AIKIDO _e – YouTube. Part 2.

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This is all the more ironic when in fact, the content has never been lost and is crystal clear to any mid-level Daito-ryu practitioner.

By ryi thread here that I started trying to get to the bottom of the name usage it seems that Minoru Hirai was wrong about the history and usage on the name Aikido. Do not throw the enemy far away. Thank you for this Article, It was very informative, and interesting.

Dec 15, Messages: It is therefore possible that their execution was not perfect. Why would anyone question whether he would win NAGA? With the organization of seminars, instructor courses, awards and ranks of openness of the new dojo The bottom line, I think, is that we need avk work on the tatami for any of this published material to keep its true value.

Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto ryu

First of all, arigato gozaimashita for the informative post. These techniques are a form of propaganda. Apr 9, Messages: You might want dqito ask the person sitting in the centre of this photo for his opinion on Sugino-sensei. Is there any chance that we will see publication of the material?

Do you think that I got that because I believe that this would make me an artist? Some explanations on how to perform the techniques were also added, most likely not directly by Hisa but based on his instructions.

Others may not enjoy it, and thus they may gravitate towards other endeavors- including perhaps Aikido. GROUP Purpose of the Group is to develop, in the western countries, the teachings of Takeda Tokimune and Kato Shigemitsurespecting and handing on faithfully the entire technical curriculum of the Daito School practiced in the Daitokan of Abashiri and Budokan of Abashiri You might want to consider the fact that Stanley had this document for a very long time and that he never took any step to publish it.


I have never needed to use it, or any other form of art, to defend myself.

Garyuan Dojo Hontai Yoshin Ryu short.avi

Dec 30, Messages: And from this position it’s clear: There are still people who know some of it, and the Takumakai, for instance, is actually pretty welcoming to anyone who wishes to learn. To be frank, this is already going much further than what I personally would have done. An important point to keep in mind is that Takeda Sokaku awarded the Menkyo Kaiden a document raito certifies that a teacher has taught the entirety of his knowledge to his student to only two people in his entire life.

Current Status of Aikido Journal website December 9, These activities are guided solely by respect for Japanese tradition. Yes, my password is: Jul 12, Messages: HipBumpSep 5, ryy Do you speak Japanese?

Hisa introduced them as follows:. It has nothing to do with the foundation of the school or what Otake-sensei wrote in his books besides, you should try to read other books on shinto ryu which might give you a broader understanding of the complexity of the school.

Hontai Takagi Yoshin Ryu

Send us a email and we will answer you. However, I do not believe that simply because there was a schism between two schools of thought automatically invalidates one or the other. One of the best new grappling moves in MMA. This section gathers the techniques taught by Ueshiba Morihei. Information that needs to be free, and not jealously guarded against enemies. I certainly do not plan on ever instigating or participating in any sort of street fight. Some of the elements of Daito-ryu were indeed removed to create Dzito but Daito-ryu itself has a pretty structured technical curriculum that is geared towards long term progression, and the techniques are therefore taught in a way so as not to cause permanent injuries or death.


Oct 19, Messages: The aim of these activities is ” to live and to follow the traditional and cultural way of martial arts and Japanese culture “. StratamagnusSep 5, However, it shares with those the same secrecy when it comes to its technical catalog. I modeled these tactics to the secret techniques of Daito-ryu Aiki-budo techniques.

It is interesting to note that this is the only section in the entire Soden that has no explanations to accompany the images. The first five volumes of Soden therefore constitute a third essential piece of information for us aikidoists who wish to understand the techniques taught by Ueshiba Morihei during this very important transition time for aikido.

Discussion in ‘ Grappling Technique ‘ started by StratamagnusSep 5, ai The martial teachings of the school were transmitted ALL published material is under copyright law one way or the other. Note that a series of slides were published in Aikido Journal several years ago where Kawabe Sensei Takumakai Shihan was demonstrating some of the Soden techniques, with added instructions in English. Aug 4, Messages: Upon closer scrutiny, none of the techniques presented in parts 10 and 11 daitp actually new, but interestingly, the explanations do vary from those of corresponding techniques found in Volumes 1 to 9.

Purpose of the Group is to develop, in the western countries, the teachings of Takeda Tokimune and Kato Shigemitsurespecting and handing on faithfully the entire technical curriculum of the Daito School practiced in the Daitokan of Abashiri and Budokan of Abashiri

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