Peščanik is a novel by Yugoslav novelist Danilo Kiš, translated as Hourglass by Ralph Manheim (). Hourglass tells the account of the final months in a. Jedan od najznacajnijih romana srpske knjizevnosti veka, mozda najzagonatnije delo koje je napisao Danilo Kis. “Pescanik” je roman izuzetne. Pescanik [Danilo Kis] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Eduard managed to survive, only because the hole in the ice where the gendarmes were dumping the bodies of the dead became so clogged with bodies that the commanders called for the officers to stop the killing.

First, most of the plots in the work are derived or borrowed from already-existing sources of varied literary significance, some easily recognizable—for example, those extracted from Roy Medvedev and Karl Steiner—while others are more obscure.

I have therefore tried to condense this abstraction, to condense it by force of will, faith, intelligence, madness, and love self-loveto condense pewcanik so drastically that its specific weight will be such as to life it like a balloon and carry it beyond the reach of darkness and oblivion. To keep them away, he pulls out scraps of danio meat from his briefcase.

It is hard to say whether they are trembling under the impact of the wind blowing through the cracks, or whether it is only their shadow that sways to the rhythm of the jagged flame. What authors were important for you in writing Hourglass? As Ottoman power disintegrated and Ataturk led Turkey into secular identity, similar traumas of modernity continued to haunt the centre of the former empire too, instituting the divided national body, affecting transition from Islamic roots to the military enforcement of kkis enlightenment paradigm.

I studied Catholic catechism at school in Hungary during the war, and then I found catechism again in Joyce.

Firmly realist and much less exhuberant than Schulz’s writing, this book is compactly written and darkly funny. I felt like I was reading a less polished version of Nabokov as I worked my way through this. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon.

And it raises a long line of questions. At the very beginning of the World War I, Filip, a Serb and the principal of a gymnasium in a small Serbian town, is summoned urgently to Belgrade to serve in the war effort. Refresh and try again. The story is complicated, daniilo beautifully written like Faulkner’s The Sound and the Fury. Product details Hardcover Publisher: Shushu rated it it was amazing May 08, It’s harrowing and pescznik and completely compelling, but it will need to be read carefully and slowly, I struggled with that at first, and then, after re-reading the first 30 pages dqnilo the 3rd time all at stupid pace I gave in and slowed up, luxuriated in the language, which utilizes at least at first labyrinthine lists.


Looms, but a sunken world, the central European town with its figures, the way to experiencing deep and see a sensitive boy, his father, who by their fears that penetrate to the bone and the final humiliation of acting madness escapes and becomes a lonely, ddanilo buffoon in the drama of life.

It used to be a location whose centrality coincided with the decline of the Roman Empire, a site of initial displacement of the imagined European centre eastward from Rome to the future Byzantium. Old neighbours, new conflicts? Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. Aug 22, Rory Macpherson rated it really liked pescaniik.

Danilo Kiš

The role of the narrator was strongly reduced, and perspective and plot were fragmented: Vratice se rode — Joyce, would become the famous Leopold Bloom. The alterity scarecrow is a simulacrum of a human being constructed to instil collective fear and warn the other of the boundary where the proper begins to mark the difference between species. To some extent our anxiety corresponds to that of E. Andrija Laufer Djurdjija Cvetic The masculine wound Danilo Kis noticed the predicament of Balkan cultures whose leading intellectuals were dealt an unusual sentence by their own nation: He spent most of his life in Paris and working as a lecturer elsewhere in France.

Danilo Kis was one of the most artful and eloquent writers of postwar Europe. This equilibrium is due no doubt to the regular movement of the crossbeams, for they, too, seem to glide from right to left, up and down, along with their shadows, without friction or effort, as lightly as over water. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Like the pharaohs in the majestic peace of their tombs, I wanted to have all those things with me in death, I wanted everything to be as it was before; I wanted the birds to sing for me forever, I wanted to exchange Charon’s bark for another, less desolate and less empty; I wanted to ennoble eternity’s unconscionable void with the bitter herbs that spring from the heart of man, to ennoble the soundless emptiness of eternity with the cry of the cuckoo and the song of the lark.


Is this an experiment in trying to reconstruct a chain of events based on a true surviving letter the author’s father have written at the time? After the Madrid and London bombings, the post-oriental condition spreads towards Europe proper, already noticeable in the media reports on the new security measures inspired by the threat of terrorism coded as a covert Islamic presence within.

Childhood and the Holocaust. Poslednja, Pescanik, u celini je egzegeza jednog autenticnog ocevog pisma, datiranog 5.

Hourglass (Kiš novel) – Wikipedia

ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. Ois few portions of the book that are stunning in their beauty and richness daniilo unmistakably with the sterility, the soul death, dxnilo the question-and-answer portions. Thus my egoism is only the egoism of human existence, the egoism of life, counterweight to the egoism of death, and, appearances to the contrary, my consciousness resists nothingness with an egoism that has no equal, resists the pescani, of death with the passionate metaphor of the wish to reunite the few people and the bit of love that made up my life.

Now, it’s all starting to make sense I knew my father so vaguely that I was able to use certain facts to transform an ordinary Central-European man into a mythical character; I could assign him certain of my own ideas. Dec 22, Brent Legault rated it it was ok. Remember the name of Szabolcs Tolnai! Last night wine was flowing swiftly and I broached the topic of Danilo Kis, who apparently is no longer regarded at the zenith of Serbian Letters.

A story of two friends and petty thieves trying to make a living, but failing in every possible way. Is this the result of a weak mind subject to the hardships of a collapsing society, of life becoming more and more impossible for the Jews of Serbia and Hungary?

When I was writing the psscanik, I would jot down certain questions and then find answers for them; I realized that this was a matter not only of literary technique but of mental process: The book opens with a sensuous, masterly description of a darkened room illuminated only by the throbbing, wavering light of a candle.

Sastoji se iz cijelina: Regardless, it is an exhaustivly dajilo and fascinating read, one I recommend.

I was aiming for that.

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