INTRODUCTION. Congratulations on purchasing the dbx Model XT Compressor/Limiter. We recommend you take a moment and read through the manual. dbx x. PROFESSIONAL SINGLE-CHANNEL. COMPRESSOR/LIMITER. INSTRUCTION MANUAL. Used with the permission of AKG ACOUSTICS, INC. View and Download Dbx X instruction manual online. X Music Mixer pdf manual download.

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Rear Panel [ 3E? Your 1 60XT was carefully packed at the factory in a protective carton.

Anyway, it’s very simple. In all cases, you are responsible for trans- portation charges to the factory, dbx will pay return shipping if the unit is still under warranty.

Full text of “DBX: X XT Service Manual”

It is true that we hear a clear improvement when going through something. Live, it’s happiness can not hope to find a compressor that adjusts so quickly and that sounds all the time. Of course, when compression does occur, the level of the entire program is affected.

Value for money monstrous opportunity between and Euros Mono Analog Compressor Rack 1U in height.

Over a button-easy for a more gradual compression, and a bypass, a truth, which directly connects the input jack to output jack. On this terminal, there is dvx jumper between the compressor inlet and the detection input: Microphones and bass guitars, like guitars, typically have low-level out- puts. Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe.


Dbx 160X Instruction Manual

The XT will catch it, and hold it as a constant tone so you can adjust your EQ to minimize it. Frequency-Weighted Compression With this arrangement, raising certain frequencies on the equalizer causes them to be suppressed in the audio signal. These definitely sound better than the dbx andbut is a bit more expensive than both.

Make sure you have correctly followed installation steps and operation procedures. Do not ship parcel post. It then has a buttons for bypass and to change the display of the metering. The XT can be used with either balanced or unbalanced sources and outputs can be used with either balanced or unbalanced loads, provided you use proper cabling.

It is also possible to separate cer- tain vocals or instruments from a mono program already mixed by fre- quency-weighted compression see page I want to buy many more! We chose a ratio, and adjust the Threshold watching small LEDs that work well: While this isn’t the best sounding compressor out there, it is very solid and works great for drums.

A super mono compressor, stupid: Mixing Board If you wish to compress a particular track of a multi-track recording or one channel dvx a live performance mix, the 1 60XT output can be directly con- nected to a line input jack balanced or notor wired to an Mznual point. I will come to an edit if necessary later!

Limiting also benefits intelligibility by allowing low-level input signals to be reproduced through the system at higher volume. There are other very real compressors, much more expensive as the or the dbxLA2A I like the Blue Tube better for the studio personally. For the price it is a bit high for my liking and I would not get this unit for the studio but that is my opinion and I am sure that there are many studios that use them in-house for vocals and other instruments but for me it is way to compressed sounding even on a light ratio and with not much input gain it can be heard.


This is equivalent to a cable with V 4 ” Mono Phone plugs on both ends.

The hardest hitting instruments. Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. I love DBX for live but not my favorite in the studio. DBX has a very distinct and so you have to be very careful as to how much to use. What I like least: Full text of ” DBX: And this is not the case autrezs “big” references Hard-Knee Compression Curve Figure 3: The metering is smartly made and the bright LEDs help you to see exactly where you level is at.

Often, a prob- lem is relatively simple and can be quickly fixed after telephone consult- ation.

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