A venue owner is hot and bothered to install a DRPA. He is thinking it will be a one-unit fix-all-of-our -problems box. His regular knob-turner can. Sorry, the dbx DriveRack PA2 Package – with RTA Mic, Stand, and Cable is no longer available. We’ve left this page up for reference only. Check out the great. Hi,i want to know, why should i or why shouldn’t i use it. If you think it is ok to use it, how.

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Why not have him take a look at the DR or a Minidrive.

View the Media Kit. Your speakers will still be protected.

BTW, here’s the layout now: Shouldn’t be any problems at all regarding audio quality. No not using any software on the amps. Lots of reasons to upgrade. A venue owner is hot and bothered to install a DRPA. I’ve gotten plenty of work off the sound people are hearing, just would like to take it to the next level.

Life is just a game, don’t take it to seriously! Getting the most our of a speaker system involves more than just throwing a DSP in there and calling it done. As with all DR products, you do need to understand gain structure and you also need to ignore the gain structure addendum in the manual He is thinking it will be a one-unit fix-all-of-our -problems box.

There is no real need to set limiters for tops, as you will hear them distort.

Dx think the advice is about right in assuming the DRPA is the weak link as I had to play with it for awhile to get it sounding its best, but if not setup correctly it’s a fast downhill spiral. Can you say XTA? What if the Hokey Pokey really is what it’s all about? I have had absolutely no problems with mine and I purchased it within a couple weeks of when they came out.


DBX DRPA – Long term use / reliability

A properly set up DRPA should not take away the crispness and clarity. The dbx has good converters.

Screen came on and it’s been working for two years now. Login or Sign Up.

Are you using the software in the amps as well as the DRPA? Tomorrow, for which I work, is mine. Check the price at NSL. Nothing is reliable in a harsh enviroment. What you can measure vs what you can hear come at different price points.

ProSoundWeb Community

Travis “Audio Viking” Baits ” The truth be known, if the limiters are set correctly, the amp should never have the opportunity to approach clipping. You then set the amp attenuation for the desired sound level. Running the amp wide open and the mixer low to control levels can result in xrpa noise.

So run one side directly from the Venice to one amp to the ‘s. However, in the drpx of BFM’s horn loaded designs, the limiter is set to prevent over-excursion of the voice coils, rather than preventing the amp from clipping.

I don’t know if I would feel safe only dvx my DRPA do the limiting and having my amps on maximum sensitivity. Which might work better?

I was actually impressed as when I originally purchased the system I wasn’t expecting that.

For example, if the amp can only produce 54 volts flat out before clip, and you set the limiter threshold to 60V, the limiter will not prevent clipping in any way. I also use a Medusa Whirlwind snake so the chain I think is pretty good stuff. Buttons start to go a little quick – but you usually aren’t playing with those if you get it set up correctly.


Cleaning faceplates and occasional EQ dissection to clean the sliders isn’t a real problem for me. The owner wants to get a better system to compliment the one at his newest venture. Three days until I start the cycle all over again!

We limit the subs because you will not hear them distort. You might suggest the Alesis to the boss as a somewhat oversized but almost competent paperweight. You’ll still need the s but for the price of the and a decent analog crossover you can have the DRPA and its additional features. Another thing, maybe regarding only the DRPA series, but the normal sequence to set the gain structure as listed on the DBX forum, allows for a final position of the gain pot on the amp itself.

Fine until someone backstage starts twiddling knobs and opens up the level controls on the power amps. Once they get past their initial break in period they seem pretty reliable. Anyone know anything about that?

Audible quality changes are not cheap. I am using the DR correctly too with the JBL and Crown amp settings and setting everything at unity gain and at the same clip point, nothing is over driven

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