Network Working Group H. Hakala Request for Comments: L. Mattila Category: Standards Track Ericsson J-P. Koskinen M. Stura J. Loughney Nokia. For more information, see the Diameter Credit-Control Application protocol specification detail: Opens a new window. RFC Diameter Credit-Control Application August 5. Click here to download RFC TXT format PDF format coming soon. DCCA and Gy.

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It is used between the Diameter credit-control client and the credit-control server to request credit authorization for a ccca service. Adding a new optional AVP does not require a new application. It is used between the credit-control server and the Diameter credit-control client to acknowledge a Credit- Control-Request command.

The Message Length field indicates the length of the Diameter message rcca bytes, including the header fields and the padded AVPs. Vcca Connection with Redirects The system can also contain separate rating server sand accounts can be located in a centralized database. If Diameter credit-control proxies exist between the credit-control client and the credit-control server, they MUST advertise the Diameter credit-control application support.

Transaction state implies that upon forwarding a request, its Hop-by-Hop Identifier is saved; the field is replaced with a locally unique identifier, which is restored to its original value when the corresponding answer is received.

RFC – Diameter Credit-Control Application

Diameter Credit-control Server A Diameter credit-control server acts as a prepaid server, performing real-time rating and credit-control. After that the rrc connection can be disconnected. This page was last edited on 19 Octoberat During the credit-control process, it is used to report the used quota and request a new one.


The ” R ” Request bit — If set, the message is a request. Table of Contents 1. Therefore, it is assumed that a Diameter credit-control server will provide service only for Diameter credit-control clients that have agreed beforehand as to the content of credit-control messages. A Command Code is used to determine the action that is to be taken for a particular message.

Archived from the original on 4 July Hakala Request for Comments: Credit-Control Application Overview The credit authorization process takes place before and during service delivery to the end user and generally requires the user’s authentication and authorization before any request is sent dfca the credit-control server.

Session based credit-control is described in more detail, with more variations, in section 5. The RFC defines an authorization and an accounting state machine. For session based credit-control, both the credit control client and the credit-control server are required to maintain credit-control session state. Service-Specific Rating Input and Interoperability The Diameter credit-control application defines the framework for credit-control; it provides generic credit-control mechanisms supporting multiple service applications.

If an AVP with the ” M ddcca bit set is received by a Diameter client, server, proxy, or translation agent and either the AVP or its value is unrecognized, the message must be rejected.

This section needs expansion. Service-Specific Rating Input and Interoperability In addition, it is necessary to check that the end user’s account provides coverage for the requested service prior to initiation of that service.

Diameter Credit-Control Application

Obsolete RFCs are indicated with strikethrough text. Service specific authorization and authentication is out of the scope. Finally, the subscriber has ended the session, and the client sends a dca message to the server containing the last Used-Units. In a multi-service environment, an end user can issue an additional service request e. In some cases it might be possible that the service element in the visited domain can offer services to the end user; however, a commercial agreement must exist between the visited domain and the home domain.


This is part of the basic protocol functionality and all stacks should support it and as such abstract from the connectivity related operations.

RFC – part 1 of 5

The name is a play on words, derived from the RADIUS protocol, which is the predecessor a diameter is twice the radius. AA answer commands are defined in service specific authorization applications, e.

The Diameter credit-control server is the entity responsible for credit authorization for prepaid subscribers. For price inquiries the client ask the server what the price for a unit is, and the server responds with the price. Rffc refer to the current edition of the “Internet Official Protocol Standards” STD 1 for the standardization state and status of this protocol. A mechanism has to be provided to allow the user to be informed of the charges to be levied for a requested service.

Also, Diameter Redirect agents that refer credit-control clients to credit-control servers and allow them to communicate directly can exist.

This process is accomplished with session based credit-control that includes the first interrogation, possible intermediate interrogations, and the final interrogation.

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