: De Septem Secundeis (): John Tritemius, William Lilly: Books. Quellen der Esoterik von der Antike bis zur Gegenwart. De septem secundeis, id est, intelligentiis, sive spiritibus orbes post Deum moventibus libellus. Front Cover. Johannes Trithemius.

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Secundeiw king of the Persians took Sepetmwhom Heraclius the Emperour afterward slue. Under the Government of this Angel, the Patriarchs first Founders of Justicewere famous, and the righteous were divided from the ungodly, by their own proper indeavour and consent.

The Best Books of Multa Christiani bella inter sese hoc tempore habuerunt grauissima, in Gallia, Anglia, Saxionia, Vuestphallia, Prussia, Flandria, Sueuia, et aliis locis. Men also under the Dominion of this Zachariel began to live more civilly, to undergo the Laws and Commands of their Elders, and were reclaimed from their former fierceness.

Hisce temporibus Monachorum in Ecclesia Dei ordines caeperunt multiplicari. It is to be feared that the fourth beast of the Apocalypse se;tem lose a head.

de Septem Secundeis : Johannes Trithemius :

After Charles his son Lodowick ruled Otto autem tertius sine liberis mortuus, Electores Imperii septe se instituit, anno Christianorumsicuti permanent usque in praesentem diem.

Helias, Heliseus, Micheas, Abdias, with many others: More remarkably still, several nations of Europe and Asia lay claim to Trojan descent-but in the desire to glorify themselves, as if there had not existed septwm people and nations in Europe before the ruin of Troy, the proofs they offer in support of the nobility of their origin are vain and deceptive.

Zachariel the Angell of Jupiter, began to govern the world in the year of the Creation of Heaven and Earth Crosses appeared in the garments of men, and not long after the Roman Empire is divided, a translation of the Monarchy being made to Charles who was of the Frankes Nation in Germany, who preserved the Empire and Church from perishing, and fought many famous battels.


Iustinianus built the Temple of St.

All manner of Estates were full of perturbation, as well the Empire as Church affairs, or Church and Common-wealth were now in great distress.

Each of these Spirits rules the universe in turn for a period of years and 4 seprem. Many men in these times out of their affection to Christian Philosophy, betook themselves to live in the Wilderness: At Rome, Romulus the first founder of the City reigned To begin with, letters were imagined in the forms of trees and plants, later taking on more careful forms to be mod fied at will.

Here, in de septem secundeis, we have a fusion of history and occultism, regarding celestial and angelic categorizations, used to predict the future as well as correspond past events to the different characteristics of the secondary causes- the seven angels with their seven planets.

Many subtle arts grew up and, in agreement with the nature of Venus, developed and embellished themselves. He vanquished the Swiss, reduced the Sicambrians, and triumphed over all rebels. This Charles did institute many things in favour of the Princes Electors, concerning their Customes and Tallayes, which were not in use formerly. For human manners change with the times and things below correspond with things above, and receive their influence. The people also of Germany called the Theutines, invaded the Romans and after many fights are overcome escundeis one hundred and threescore thousand of them slain, besides innumerable others of them, who slew themselves and familiars under Cajus and Mantius the Consuls: Tertia Saturni spiritus reuolutio fiat, de qua supradictum est, in cuius principio Christus fuit de uirgine natus.

In these times Sybilla Cumana was much spoken of, and grew famous; who brought 9 books to Tarquinius Priscus the King to be bought for a certain price; in which were contained the reason, order, and succession of future Avisements, of the whole common-wealth of the Romans. seecundeis


After Frederick, his son Henry was elected Emperor. For the Angels who are the movers of the Orbs, do neither destroy nor subvert any thing, which nature it self hath constituted or framed.

Start statt wont start start not oh my hep me hep me whoops gotta start but it wont Pl. It was the third Revolution of the Angell of Saturn, concerning which, what is spoken is intended: Under whose moderation, the Punick war began betwixt the Romans and Carthaginians: Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life.

About the years of our Lord God Sorceries, Incantations, and Arts of framing Diabolical Images, were now in a marvellous manner increased, and whatsoever either of subtilty, or wit, that could possibly be attributed to the invention, or cunning of Mercury about these times, did exceedingly increase.

After whom Numa Pompilius continued that Kingdome in peace full 42 years: Under his rule Adam the first man died, leaving to all posterity an assured Testimony, that necessarily once we must dye. During this period several great prophets shone among the Hebrews: The mind of man verily is free, and receives not the influence of the Stars, unless it doth too much commaculate his affection, by inclining its self with the commerce which it hath with the body.

Spirits appointed as Presidents to the 7. Men did now devise curious and costly Ornaments, for better trimming, and adorning their bodies:

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