Welcome back to our reread of the Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris. This week, we’re reading book 11, Dead Reckoning. Dead Reckoning (Sookie Stackhouse, book 11) by Charlaine Harris – book cover, description, publication history. Booktopia has Dead Reckoning: A True Blood Novel, Sookie Stackhouse: Book 11 by Charlaine Harris. Buy a discounted Paperback of Dead Reckoning: A.

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Dead Reckoning

Even worse, you do it multiple times in a single book. And Eric’s been hiding a big secret. No direction, just seemingly random events.

Bookk, wait, did I mention that there’s another plot thread? CH recently stated in April that DR doesn’t “have a word about the history between Niall and Eric, because it’s not important to Sookie’s story. Sorry I said it. May 02, Jen Davis rated it really liked it Shelves: Not the sex scene mind you b’c that dtackhouse whatever – it was one sookoe of throwing it in but it did, to me show their reckonong relief that Sookie does in fact love Eric tremendously as he does her. I have nothing against Sam, I’d just hoped for something more dramatic as a conclusion after what will be apparently be 13 books in all.

Good job, Mother Harris! Eric already has problems and she adds to them by cutting the bond. Bubba – loved that he was brought back in this installment, however, I feel his re-introduction fell a little flat.

It’s a little tedious CH’s manipulation of the audience but whatever. The things about the characters that we all grew to love even if they were evil and unjust all changed. View all 4 comments. There’s a reckoning on the way Cataliades the demon literally not pejoratively lawyer, Amelia the renegade witch and her former pussycat Bob, and a return visit from nutball Sandra Pelt, and the corpses stack up to agreeable heights in the accustomed way of Harris’s books.


Sookie, in a very weird unchracteristic Sookie move, removes her clothing, runs starkers into Bill’s house and huddles up with him as two humans plan to kidnap her and bring her to Sandra Pelt. If you don’t, here: Like a real relationship. But Harris’ series just twists and turns as she comes up with more ways to keep the story going, there’s no overall direction. Dear Sookie, You know you are one of my oldest friends, right?

I realize she was maniacal and dangerous, but she was also something else. This is going to be a rant. I wasn’t satisfied with this one because they have been dancing with him for 4 books now and they still ended up fighting him face to face. As this series progresses, it’s like there’s always 10 subplots within the plot.

If Harris wanted Sookie naked in front of Bill, she should have worked harder to create a more believable scenario.

We weren’t very busy that night. I understand Sookie is one daed the more ordinary characters – to an extent- in a world that has become abundant in supernaturals, but I was desperately wishing for more action on numerous occassions.

What I Didn’t Like Perhaps I have over exposed myself, having ploughed my way through all the novels so far in short order, but there are elements on Dead Reckoning which feel awfully contrived.

This isn’t new for you. Why resurrect her of all the past villains? Or trying to be at least. And he’s not the only one. Alcide in a funny and very compromising way, and it makes me think we might not see Alcide again in a hurry. I liked it, and I was very pleased as always to immerse myself in the supe-filled universe that Sookie inhabits.


If you see some reason this all makes sense other than an excuse to get her naked with Bill, please explain. I mean how much do damp bra and knickers drip?

Dead Reckoning (Sookie Stackhouse, #11) by Charlaine Harris

And Eric may have his selfish tendencies but unless the previous books were a lie, he loves Sookie and would not have chomped on her neck like that, even angry.

I mean, she planned and participated in the attack. Though I enjoyed reading this when I wasn’t overly frustratedit felt a bit hollow-I reckonng know how else to describe it.

After 10years she still couldn’t commit how many Sookie Stackhouse novels she’s planning to write. They should have matured in their relationship by now but they are like a new couple on their 3rd date. I really enjoy seeing them having to go through a ton of crap to work it out. The series is dead. Sookie, I really, really wanted to give you four stars. Now, while I can concede that a trauma is a trauma, she shouldn’t still be having this shellshocked reaction.

If you were being pursued by people in the rain and wanted to hide in a house, would you think of taking off ALL your clothes and dumping them in a bush? I love hearing you talk and visiting Bon Temps with you.

Overall, this was installment left me wanting nothing more than for this series to end. I thought there was a greater purpose there or that it would tie into something else.

Unfortunately, I spent much of this story feeling like this:

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