Thanks to James Brian Murphy, by whose suggestion we have Death Frost Doom instead of Death Cold. Frost. Thanks to Gary Gygax and. I’m running Death Frost Doom this Friday in my Eberron/Pathfinder campaign and I’m a bit concerned about the lethality of it. I’m pulling it out at. Death Frost Doom, in its original form, was a damn clever adventure. But it wasn’t much more than a clever premise: while it had some nice.

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No, chances are that your PCs will not stand a chance against the tide of the living dead and this powerful undead Each area has a little map, generous cosmetic fluff, and interesting dewthfrost to touch and see.

Death Frost Doom Review | Full Metal RPG

Although the painting in the cabin is supposed to show where one of the secret doors is, I find that people don’t remember it by the time they get to the room depicted in the painting.

Read it deathfgost and ran it as is. It’s easy to see how things connect and interact with each other. Even as the PCs approach the foreboding top, things may get nasty: It can easily be adapted to any rpg system or more to fit your campaign.

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Death Frost Doom Review

Death Frost Deathfdost Check that review out Crothian. Read more Read less. When I first used this during my normal campaign before ever thinking of publishing itthey found one of those ways. It comes with a good map and really good flavor text for running a game.


Another thing that wasn’t too clear is that in the pit in the High Priest Temple, a falling body doesn’t count towards the 10 points of damage for the trigger there. Views Read Edit View history. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help.

For the first official playtest, another group of players came up with a way out that I never anticipated. There are jokes in this book, and for the most part they fall flat. Posted By Abstruse Thursday, 27th December, It is not pretty.

I wanted something rough. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Monday, 17th March, Instead, players thought the big event so awesome several of them said this would have been an excellent campaign starter.

There is a frost-covered mountain, and at its top, there is a cabin and a mausoleum. The aesthetics of this module are very much indebted to black metal; the cold, screeching type. It is hard to understate the utility of this book. I’m pulling it out at a last minute to fill a hole in our gaming schedule since I didn’t have any standard stuff prepared and Dearhfrost thought about a killer way it will blend into the campaign.

By the time the party enters the Tombs of Greater Repugnancies, they have encountered so much of the handiwork of these foul undead creatures that seeing them in person imparts gravitas and revulsion at witnessing their corrupted flesh.


One of these items ships sooner than the other.

Death Frost Doom

Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. And it becomes worse in the dungeon under the cabin.

It should also be noted that the hand-out maps that the PCs can find actually have been reproduced here. Lamentations of the Flame Princess July 1, Language: Haven’t run this yet, but having read through it, the adventure is going to be gruesomely fun. And then there would be the matter at hand that is the aforementioned sanctum beyond the parasite, where disturbingly rendered greater repugnances roam – the erstwhile leaders of the Duvan’Ku, vile and horrid undead monstrosities that provide a deadly array of potential bosses, which partially should be considered to be puzzle combats: Entirely too much space is spent on what happens when different songs are played on it, and the inclusion of modern music really took me out of the moment while reading.

The story within Death Frost Doom rewards you for peeling back its layers.

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