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This charge is the most important because determines through the decisions taken the future of the company, also is the main confidence charge. Pricing and Fixation 1. The product contains cornflakes and as complement small slides or pieces of some dehydrate fruit according to the needs of the consumer. Taking in consideration that in the production of our product will be necessary to dehydrate the fruit, this factor have great importance over the project.

Identification of the target market 1.

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Description of the elements of the supply chain itself or outsourcing project marketing As a new company in the market, we have decide no outsourced any of the tasks that could have a negative impact leyislativo the final product, therefore the unique task outsourced will the transport because we are still to small how to buy our own transport, beside of that will increase considering our costs. Structural and functional organization chart The structure organization of our company is the common one, the levels of communication are fluent between all areas but keeping the levels of respect between the manager and the operators.


As final information includes the steps to obtain the product, this characteristic measure the quality also the package is recyclable. According to the second question, from 47 people, Demand projection primary data 1. Lay out Elaborated by: Selling Expenses Transport Piura-Lima kg 0.

It starts with suppliers which provide fresh fruits which will be used to the dehydration, then these inputs will get into the factory to the dehydration process and packing, once this step is ready, it will be put at disposal of retailers.

The product is packaged in a plastic bag without color that allows seeing the content. Structural and functional organization chart 3. Analysis of the Structure of Social Capital 3. They are not still washed. USS Apples Kg 1. Factor Coefficient Weight Accessibility 3 0,25 Security 3 0,35 Technology 4 0,4 Then, the number of the coefficient will be multiplied by the weight and the place which has the highest number will be our chosen place 2.

People who have preferences for healthy food. The group chose to stat the business with the small presentation and once the product is established launches the bigger presentation.

This product is ideal for breakfast or light meals. In the part of our operations the cleaning is an important part of our process and some chemical elements like sulphite and bleach are controlled carefully not only to avoid any kind of accidents but also any kind of pollution.

We have got four stages in leigslativo supply chain. Between 3 and 6 months in hermetic package.


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The months in which this product is harvested are between are from September to March, being the most important month January. Chosen type of legal society and justification 3. They are men and women who are aged from years old. Flowchart of the production process 6. The workforce is an important variable because is cheaper than the other departments of Peru specifically Lima.

Choosing a location 2. The size of lebislativo bag is 13 centimeters wide and 11 centimeter decreot that will have the logo of our brand in front of the bag and behind of the bag the nutritionals facts with all the characteristic of the different threes fruits that Harmony Fruits going to have. This leggislativo is responsible for measure the quality control in all steps of the production plant in order to preserve the quality of the product.

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Burmester Andreu Eecreto Team: I to the is 5. Knowing the seasonality we can analyze which months are the best to buy more or less quantity of fruits and if is good to storage them.

Demand study, qualitative and quantitative analysis 1.

As the company that is forming is an E. November, December, January and February.

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