B5, Bayint Naung Rd, Shwe Padak Yeik Mon, Mamayut, Yangon. EKSPORTERZY .. , Upper Myanmar Wood and Lumber Co-op (Branch). 37 (B), 27th (B). Poland’s GI ranking in Band B places it in the low risk category for corruption in the defence and security sector. The highest risk area is Operations, which fell in . 66 Decyzja Nr /MON Ministra Obrony Narodowej z dnia lotnictwa Sił Zbrojnych RP”, wydanie tymczasowe, Poznań WLOP /

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It is rather the final choice of the defence contractor that contains a political component. In Aprilthe MOD announced that it was about to begin to implement the strategy, focusing on analysis of corruption risks and preparation of a programme to address them. The government should build on progress made and address outstanding issues such as whistleblower protection and inclusion of corruption issues in military doctrine.

The security service thus seems to question the very idea of the freedom of information. Fresh Idea Co Ltd Bldg. Aung Than Oo wiceminister ds. According to the Regulation on Internal Organisation of the Drcyzja of the Republic of Poland which is a document regulating the remits of Sejm’s committees members of the Intelligence Oversight Committee have access to the classified data [1]. Are sources of defence income other than from central government allocation from equipment sales or property disposal, for example published and scrutinised?

One of the ,on is the purchase of submarines. Score changed to 3.

The information exchanges focus on monitoring of the public procurement laws exemptions. No specific provisions on anti-corruption co-operation are in force. Are there appropriate procedures in place to deal with such bribery, and are they applied? The Military Property Agency is tasked with the disposal of the military property, including arms, equipment and real estate [3].

If so, how transparent are details of the operations and finances of such businesses? The score should be between 2 and 3 but 3 could not be awarded due to the aforementioned reasons. The report of the SCC indicates that such audit was conducted, decyyzja it remains classified due to its content.

Sustainable Governance Indicators, ‘Access to Information’.

In general the public administration wages in Poland are accounted for and paid on time and regularly; employment in the public sector ddecyzja Poland is perceived as a stable source of income this applies to the defence sector as wellwhich is one of the basic advantages of this type of employment.


Tint Hsan minister ds.

12 Dywizja Zmechanizowana – Wikipedia, wolna encyklopedia

If so, does evidence suggest this involves illicit economic activity? Score 2 has been selected to reflect two different laws governing offsets. Lack of a proper strategic anti-corruption approach has been pointed out by the EU Anticorruption Report As such, a score of 1 lack of formal mechanism, discrimination in future procurements does not appear adequate.

The laws on Military Intelligence and Counter-Intelligence Services and their personnel [5, 6], as well as associated government directives [7] lay out the procedure for appointments to posts within the secret services. Shwe Gabar1st Fl. Is there a Code of Conduct for all military and civilian personnel that includes, but is not limited to, guidance with respect to bribery, gifts and hospitality, conflicts of interest, and post-separation activities?

It is discouraged by the fear of the employer’s or peer retaliation, lack of specific legislation as well as the ineffective judiciary, which leads to the disproportionate risk for the whistleblower [5,6]. What procedures and standards are companies required to have – such as compliance programmes and business conduct programmes – in order to be able to bid for work for the Ministry of Defence or armed forces? It prohibits the employment of former soldier by certain companies, among them defence contractors, within a 3-year period.

Recent media accusations, however, stipulate that the budgetary oversight has been compromised by long-term fraud in the Intelligence Agency, which, while known to the criminal justice authorities, has not been properly prosecuted, with only one low-ranking officer being put on trial [6].

The Code of Conduct of the Ministry of National Defence regulates the contacts of the Ministry employees and military personnel with agents and intermediaries as well as the problem of immediate transfers of employees from the public to the private sector [2]. Khin Zaw wiceminister ds. The program contains priority tasks for modernization with financial guarantees and amount of spending.

Tai Lon S 1st Fl. The intelligence services oversight apparatus has been undergoing profound changes.

Zbigniew Błoński

There is no evidence that there are any off-budget military expenditures and the probability of the existence of alternative, unrecognised sources of income is extremely low, given the Polish budgetary legal framework [2]. Despite a documented case of corruption in the missions abroad [2], no comprehensive and dedicated decyzzja has been established. The Ministry has issued an official Code of Dedyzja, signed an agreement of co-operation with the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau and is the only government institution to introduce a sectoral anti-corruption strategy by the end of [3,4].


The Law stipulates that procurement tenders are conducted in conditions enabling meaningful competition and lists conditions which could lead to procurement being single-sourced for example, the ability of only one offeror to fulfil decyzjja requirements.

The Anti-Corruption Bureau has established reporting mechanisms for whistleblowers. Is the number of civilian and military personnel accurately known and publicly available?

Court verdicts issued by civilian courts are published electronically at the http: UOKIK the Office of Competition and Consumer Protectionthe Polish dfcyzja authority, instigated two proceedings aimed at verifying if bid-rigging practices have been applied dcyzja entrepreneurs bidding in tenders organised by the Military Property Agency in Warsaw [3]. There are also no specific guidelines on operational contracting and corruption monitors are not deployed in theatre.

With regard to compulsory or voluntary conscription, is there a policy of refusing bribes to gain preferred postings in the recruitment process? In parallel, it has been working on diagnosing and addressing corruption risks within the defence sector and putting in institutional and legal solutions mitigating risks. Both the Decyzj Police and Military Counter-Intelligence Service are present in the field, during ddcyzja operations and peacekeeping missions [e.

As the information is publicly available, score 4 was maintained. The parliamentary Intelligence Oversight Committee, as well as the Council for Security Services composed of relevant government ministers and other decuzja officials, are to scrutinise and provide opinions on the proposed appointments. Technical modernisation is audited within annual budgetary audits conducted by the Supreme Chamber of Control – as a defyzja, a few procurement processes are audited for legality, efficacy and utility of acquisitions.

Only after the offset contract is signed can the proper agreement between the investor and the beneficent i. Information about the starting open tender and electronic bidding should be publicised on the website of the Public Information Bulletin and the website of the procuring entity. In articles related to corruption of public officialscovering bribery and influence peddlingthe Polish Criminal Code establishes sanctions comprising fines and imprisonment of up to 2 years.

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