The main source of information is the DejaGnu user guide by Rob Savoye [3]. The most useful section is the Unit Testing API, which lists all the procedures. Follow these instructions as closely a possible in order get a good insight into how DejaGnu works, else you might run into a lot of subtle problems. You have. DejaGnu uses the GNU autoconf to configure itself. For more info on using autoconf, read the GNU autoconf manual. To configure, execute the configure.

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DejaGnu is not installed by default on most Linux systems. The paper is included in PostScript form in the expect distribution as are several other papers about expect. The use of this directory depends on it being set up as part of the configuration.

An example test 3. So it’s worth setting them up, just to stop the messages. The important thing is it should be the configuration file which feeds into the transformation of the Makefile. However very large values down will slow down the pattern matcher.

Although these configuration files are all optional, runtest may complain if it can’t find them. A directory containing tool specific configuration files lib is also found in this directory.

So for example the following would match the string “-gl”. Using DejaGnu with autoconfautomake and libtool.

runtest(1) – Linux man page

The pattern should thus be all in lower case. In the near future, there are two parallel directions for DejaGnu development.


Timeout reduced to 3 seconds set timeout 3 runmytest “Simple test” “orelf-sim -f default. Even when buying packaged boards from manul there are many differences. It is this directory from which runtest will be executed. Autotools programs are usually configured and built in a separate directory structure. It runs a series of tests written maunal expect and reports the results of those tests. This application note was written in response to the author’s frustration at setting up a DejaGnu test framework for the first time, using the existing documentation [3].

In some older systems, this file may be named configure. Where an option is set both on the command line and in a configuration file, the command line will take precedence.

However the local config file in an autotools environment is inherently dejgnu it is in the build directory, not the source directoryso permanent changes should be placed in one of the other config files. On top of this DejaGnu dejagnh a number of procedures which facilitate testing.

This keyword will match if xejagnu buffer is full, allowing this circumstance to be trapped. Prefixing any pattern by the -nocase flag will cause the input to be matched as though it were all lower case. See section The files DejaGnu writes. This application note is intended for software engineers putting together their first test suite using DejaGnu.

These are patterns specified as for the TCL string match command, which is similar to the syntax of shell regular expressions commonly known as “glob” patterns. It provides a layer of abstraction which makes all correctly written tests portable to mqnual host or target where a program must be tested. This can be done dekagnu using the TCL lappend function. Permission is granted to copy and distribute modified versions of this manual under the conditions for verbatim copying, provided also that manuql entire resulting derived work is distributed under the terms of a permission notice identical to this one.


The actual names of the directories containing tests must be prefixed by the name of the tool, and by convention end with the suffix. So we should check for warnings or errors before we test for successful completion. Embecosm publishes a series of free and open source application notes, designed to help working engineers with practical problems. So we must check for successful completion first. DejaGnu is written in expectwhich in turn uses Tcl Tool command language.

Dejagnu – Free Software Directory

For example, to look in the config sub-directory of the main test directory for board specific settings, the following would be suitable in the global configuration file. It specifies board s on which the tests should be run.

Value of the variable is incremented for each time it appears on the command line. This entry in part or in whole was last reviewed on 14 November

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