I’ve been roleplaying for ages it seems. I’ve seen systems come and go. This is one that I hope, I truly hope, will stay around for time to come. Deliria is not a. Deliria: Faerie Tales for a New Millennium has members. A Group created to discuss ideas, concepts and all the fantastic dreams contained in the. Also called, the Deliria Prime Codex, this game is intended to be played either as a tabletop game or as a live action game. It uses a primarily narrative structure.

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Every significant action is resolved through a random challenge and many rules and optional rules can be used to handle special situations.

Deliria | RPG | RPGGeek

You can edit this page to create it. Rodolfo Schmauk rated it it was amazing Jan 19, Challenge, Prowess, Chance, Result. I picked this up a few months ago, and it is gorgeous and a great read. Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki.

THis is to get people to just think about the character they are making. The next supplement is headed to print as of January,and another one is in the writing stage. Please browse through our FAQ before posting. For the nematode genus, see Deliria nematode. Errors The following errors occurred with your submission. Characters are described through abstract key traits as well as narrative elements.



Veliria Modern Urban Fantasy Modern. Deliria is a epg of innocence, challenge and transformation. Chances are resolved through two ten-sided dice, a deck of cards, or a computer program sold with the main rule book.

It is, however, fascinating: We’re living in a magical age. Books by Phil Brucato. I don’t have much hope of getting a group to play it, but it might sit really well for PBP.

For the Italian horror movie, see Deliria film. Smoke, Mirror and Muse, Inc. Or is it somewhat futuristic?

Faerie Tales for a New Millennium Public group. The core of the system is summed up as: Wild Dances Issue 2 – Dec Hardcoverpages.

Shannon Michelle rated it it was amazing Apr 29, I personally use the book for inspiration when i want to write, even leafing through its beautiful ddliria and words releases a kind of magic: Justin rated it really liked it Dec 29, Trevor Clarke December 16 at 5: Geoffrey rated it it was amazing Sep 18, The deliroa is a total photoshop disaster, but I really love this system, and no one I know has even heard of it.


It’s not my best work, but it has more heart than almost anything I’ve written to date. A world where anything is possible if only we dare claim it.

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Even the first suppliment Everyday Heroes is full color and absolutely amazing looking. Please select a support frequency. I have the core book but, unfortunately, have never played it.

We took part in a traveling market place that seemed to be run by goblins.

This article is about the role-playing game. There is no meta plot that would make it important to play at one time period verse another that I have seen. We are alive in the age of dfliria. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. This page does not exist. Community, content, contests, PbF gaming, GM advice, reviews, reports. I’m thinking PI group looking for missing children?

Jon rated it it was amazing Jun 08, He addressed the most pressing issues on rpg.

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