Bec has ratings and reviews. Ahmad said: Bec (The Demonata #4), Darren ShanBec is a book by Darren Shan in The Demonata series. It is the fou. Darren Shan is the New York Times bestselling author of Cirque Du Freak and The Demonata, whose novels have sold over 15 million copies worldwide. Editorial Reviews. Review. Praise for BLOOD BEAST `As always, he’s a joy to read.. he continues to impress.’ The Independent “One of his best yet.

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Rest for yourself to read. It was later revealed that closing the tunnel requires the sacrifice of a mage, and that Drust had intended to use Bec for that purpose. I love the way Darren Shan goes back to when Lord Loss finds the board. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

More of a prequel it takes place around the time Christianity is developing and centers around a character named Bec, a young priestess in deomntat that was found as an infant and raised by strangers. Bec is a very powerful magician and it is stated in the book Demon Apocalypse that she is more powerful than both Beranabus and Grubbs but only after Lord Loss increased her strength.

Bec (novel) – Wikipedia

Bec accepts this as the price of saving her people, and continues despite the fact that she will die whether or not the quest succeeds.

When their town is being attacked by demons over and over again, she joins a small group of warriors sent off on a mission that While this book is often shelved as children’s book, it comes with a warning: Well i can’t tell you all to like this book, what i can tell you that you have to read it.

Grubbs has been struggling to contain the magical talent he discovered in the town of Slawter. It transpires that Drust was motivated because he knew his brother had unleashed the demons.

The MacGrigor asked druids and priestesses to free them of the curse, but none we able to help. It is a time of great change demonfat Christians have arrived at the island and many clans have already converted to the new religion. It will be a journey of great danger, savage fighting, stunning revelations and lots of bloodshed. Lord Loss sets his familiars upon Bec, and without any magic to defend herself with, she is easily demojtat and killed.


I spot the outline of Lord Loss, inhuman eyes fixed on the woman and children, wicked smile visible even from here. He gets up, breaking his masking spell.

What makes this book stand out? No magic I know can combat a self-powered spell like that. But not only “humans” in the flesh and blood form, Lord Loss is another cruel monster in human-like form too metaphorically, he can talk and play chess while his minions can’t.

He sounds younger than the other two. Fiachna closes on Orna and reaches for her, to lead her back to safety. When Bec was in her teens, a tunnel was opened which granted the Demonata access to the human world, and Ireland was overrun by hoards of monstrous demons. The world seems poised to fall to the demon invaders. Even crusty food bits. Grubbs yells at her “I don’t understand you” and using his magic shakes the cave violently. This article relies largely or entirely on a single source.

But then Drust nudges me and points to the right, further down the hill. However she was willing to give her life if she had to, as proven when she planned to allow Drust to sacrifice her to close a tunnel between the human and demon universes.

When Grubbs is dealing with the family curse, he goes to the tunnel where Bec died. Even for a violent book as this, the overall tone is very dark. But at the end, the feeling changed. I am a huge fan. When they arrive at the demon-guarded tunnel, they find Drust’s brother Brude trapped and part of the entrance.

Lots of feed for imagination. They arrive at the coast, where they share a small battle with some demons, and, according to Connla, Ronan is forced over into the sea and Fiachna is wounded badly.

Brc the others were in more modern times and touched by our world, this one is instead high fantasy, in a desolate world not our own, one which follows different rules for the demon world. I hope, wherever he ended up, he was able to be free and to Run Fast.


Who wouldn’t love a hot 14 year old girl blasting demons into smithereens?

Fiachna squats beside me and grabs me demobtat, letting me bury my face in his chest. But then her people are faced with a far greater threat — demons invade and take over much of the country. His magician’s prowess is growing all the time. When a “simple child” named Bran who can run incredibly fast comes to Bec’s demon-besieged rath, she and a small consignment of warriors go with him, including the chief’s son, Connla, who is “largely untested” in battle; Goll, an old warrior; Lorcan and Ronan, two teenage twins; Fiachna the blacksmith; and Orna, a female warrior.

Bec McConn | Demonata Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

If your reading the demonata for the first time, feel free to read this book first as it makes an awesome prequel and can be read as a stand alone novel. Humans in other case are more cruel than brutal. She lived as one of the first people to live. Things come to a head when Grubbs and his friends, Loch and Bill-E decide to go on a treasure hunt. However it is interesting to demontwt that Bec’s memory had always been remarkable, even before Lord Loss transferred his peice of the Kah-Gash into her.

Bec McConn

The innocent boy leads them to a Druid named Drust, and after that Bec will learn her true place in life – but what will be the cost? I felt like Darren Shan did quite a bit of research about the world he was creating.

demontt Bec is grounded, caring, and loyal. It was horror, creepy and awesome. This softens the blow of her transition to the 21st century, though she still finds some aspects of modernity intimidating. F-u-c-k-e-r from the start to the end.

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