Der Heilige Gral und seine Erben has ratings and reviews. Nandakishore said: I originally approached the book with the idea that even if the . Der Heilige Gral und seine Erben, 4 Audio-CDs by Michael Baigent, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. The book appeared in Germany in 1 under the title, Der Heilige Gral und seine Erben: Ursprung und Gegenwart eines geheimen Ordens: Sein Wissen und.

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No ratings or reviews yet. I find it hard to believe that a man as loving, and giving as Jesus is said to be, would not give his love also to a women. I like a good conspiracy theory, and religion offers plenty of opportunity, but hnd amount of coincidental or forced information that the authors rely on to “prove” their point is laughable.

The author’s conclusions are persuasive: Look how well they’ve tried to cover up all the child molestations by priests.

See details for description of any imperfections. This book gained it’s fame through its influence on the da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. There were more rhetorical questions than scales on a vral.

This book should be under fiction instead of religion, as the conspiracy put forth in it is so obviously a bunch of hookum that anyone who actually reads the book should be able heilife see that their sole source is playing them for reasons that never become clear. Leigh and Baigent Teabing being an anagram of Baigent. Members of the post-Dan-Brown generation may have trouble believing this, but I hadn’t heard a single rumour before I read this book.

It took me almost a year to finish this book, and for good reason. Which says it all really. An amusing, fairly far-fetched book. They’re just very interesting to me.


The writing is subpar for the most part, but excruciating at times; that is fine when the story moves along, but the last two-thirds of the book are cringe-worthy, to say the least. I happen to believe there are conspiracies, just not this one. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

A nineteenth century French priest discovers something in his mountain village at the foot of The Pyrenees which enables him to amass and spend a fortune of millions of pounds. Since he has lived in England with his wife and children.

A boring book with some entertaining specu I originally sekne the book with the idea that even if the “history” was wonky, it will be entertaining to read.

I guess if you’ I find it difficult to put this on my non-fiction shelf. What do you believe? They are the first ones to make note of the fact that some of the “proof” they are offering up is not actually proof at all, or that everything they are noting is, in fact, a theory and nothing else. It involves nothing less than BUT could “Jesus and his disciples have purposely faked his death at the crucifixion?

This is book is a great example of academic dishonesty.

Der Heilige Gral und seine Erben by Michael Baigent (2 star ratings)

Here’s an Idea Barabbas was an alien! Not an audio CD but a download and this is the closest edition I could find here.

One either believes in G-d or they do not. Only thing I paid attention to was the theory about the writer of the Fourth Gospel which they claim to be Lazarus who was Jesus’ “brother-in-law” because he was the brother of Mary of Bethany who is actually Mary Magdalene who was Jesus’ “wife” and Barabbas is Jesus heilite

Dinosaurs living in the jungles of Africa? That’s one of the lamest assumptions I can think of. I originally approached the book with the idea that even if the “history” was wonky, it will be entertaining to read.


Der Heilige Gral by Lincoln (Paperback, 1998)

It was really interesting but there were huge gaps in their conclusions. View all 3 comments. It was a sleep-inducing ramble through vague histories of the Templars and possible bloodlines of Jesus’ progeny which later supposedly formed the Priory of Sion.

Vintage Paperback Paperback Books. However, I always look at both sides of a coin before jumping into a track, so to speak. Some really interesting elements. I thought this book sounded interesting, but after finding out the book is based on a lie and bad research I couldn’t even finish the book.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. I hate the Da Vinci Code.

This book has been published even before I was born, so why read after more the 2 decades, specially after “The Priory of Sion” myth was debunked by journalists and scholars as one the great hoaxes of the 20th century? I like a good conspiracy theory, and religion offers plenty of opportunity, but the amount of coincidental or forced inform This book is really not very good.

A good portion of this book is just the ded playing dull guessing games, and trying to make it sound interesting. And that’s the problem with “Holy Blood, Holy Grail”, it doesn’t have any moment of “wait! My first foray into audio book for a while. It was uphill all the way, especially in the middle, when you get bogged down in all those dynasties. To view it, click here. I expected better arguments.

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