Subject: Re: [Derren Brown] Reminiscence I got Pure Effect from www. for but remember it is third edition so it. The Derren Brown Lecture by International Magic (DVD) Enter the world of magic , REMINISCENCE: A hypnotised spectator merely thinks of a memory. Derren Brown Show Conjuror’s Corner. He does a routine called Reminiscence that is absolutely amazing whether you know the method or.

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The second volunteer is hypnotised and given the pen and board. Absolute Magic – Derren Brown Documents.

The Derren Brown Lecture by International Magic DVD

Derren Brown – Chess Trick. Derren Brown – Reminiscence Download Report. I give him the pen in writing position, telling him to mind his Iingers on the nib.

All the best I don’t think its the first edition,which I have not in there. A routine by Banachek called “Psycokinetic Touches”. I take the card Irom the subject and tell her to allow her eyes to close. She conIirms that reminicence details are correct. Between reminsicence two sections rests the Iorce card, which is shortened and narrowed. This means that her eyes will naturally tire aIter a while.

You will be putting thoughts of cards into peoples heads, remembering a shuffled deck of cards and visually seeing how many cards have been cut from the deck in seconds. Originally Posted by firecoins. I hypnotise him in a chair to my leIt. This is all said comIortingly, and then I count her awake, ensuring that she Ieels bright and alert.

Derren performs forty-five minutes of hardcore mind-reading and close-up hypnosis. The means oI deception is, in essence, rather simple, but there are layers oI secondary deception that bolster the Iirst and make it impenetrable.


Derren Brown – Fora Subliminal. Many people tried to reveal Derren’s tricks.

Derren Brown

That’s not cold reading. I then gently push her head Iorward and down and gently push down on her shoulders to slump her Iurther. This provides me with an excuse to immediately use the pen, which will remove any suspicion Irom it should anyone try and backtrack.

The first spectator is able to accurately describe the location and amount of touches, and even claims to have felt the touches themself. Originally Posted by themagicwand Thank you. I reach ‘Travel’ and peel the Iorce card Irom the back onto the back oI the last oI the category cards.

The fact that you can’t think of how something is done does not derrrn someone else can’t think of how to do it. After doing some research and observation Of Keith Barry’s performance, Ireland’s channels are sadly Derren free I have come to my own conclusions about the method. Originally Posted by MikeSun5 Derren Brown’s show is obviously dressed up for television, but Reminiscenve doubt he uses camera tricks and stooges as much as some have suggested.

I Iirst tell her that I will ask her some questions defren the picture that she has in her mind, but that I will be very speciIic when I want her to tell me what she sees – otherwise she is just to answer ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. When I ask her to think about the music, I listen with her Ior a while moving my eyes Irom side to side as one does when one listens Ior sounds and then Irown.


A genuine volunteer is taken Irom the audience this is a parlour eIIect and gently hypnotised. So my reaction is that the guy is a true mentalist but doing what he did in those clips I posted is insulting the viewers’ intelligence. Fun emails Guest posts. Generally not talking about just this trick, but magic in general we might know exactly how it’s done.

The card that she removes Irom the set oI category cards. They hardly say anything and he suddenly knows about their sign and about the type of men they like and all sorts of things. A hypnotised spectator merely thinks of a memory, a number and a picture. Derren Brown – Sztuczki Umysu Documents.

The Magic Cafe Forums – Reminiscence

Originally Posted by mummymonkey I don’t believe in any of that either. He’s a good magician, the mind stuff is just his “angle”. So the spectator believes that she is to memorise some inIormation and transmit it to the audience.

Apparently degren never heard about Sylvia Brown on Montel Williams show. This is an excillent DVD showing some new Derren effects that will wow and amaze you.

But it’s a step in the right direction that you don’t buy his question about the subway, misdirection is a big part of mentalism and magic. Find More Posts by Garrette.

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