This edition contains a new comprehensive introduction to Descartes’ philosophy by John Cottingham and the classic introductory essay on the Meditations by. Descartes’s Meditations on First Philosophy, published in Latin in , is one of the most widely studied philosophical texts of all time, and inaugurates many of. The Meditations, one of the key texts of Western philosophy, is the most widely studied of all Descartes’ writings. This authoritative translation by John.

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Meditations on First Philosophy: Learn more about Amazon Prime. And second, the supposedly desirable goal of a complete and fully autonomous science turns out on examination to be incoherent, irrespective of whether it is couched in the philosophical language of the seventeenth century or of our own time. Request removal from index. AT VII 40, cottinghm The same, incidentally, applies to the history of philosophy, which has itself become ghettoized — a specialized research area, or group of areas, whose cottiingham do not interact very much with those working in contemporary philosophy, nor vice versa.

Secondly I’m curious if the idea of god is natural, meaning if someone was born and never hear the idea of god mentioned would he arrive at the same conclusions of a perfect being or was Descartes influenced by his opinions found from a lifetime of learning from “the great book of the world”.


Books edited collections 4.

None of this, of course, has any tendency to show that the Cartesian option of a theistic underpinning for science is necessarily correct — nor is it meant to. Secularizing Descartes foists on him the dangerous fantasy of complete scientific autonomy.

Rather, just as in engaging in the process of thinking I am brought up against the impossibility of my not existing, so, in focusing on my idea of God, I am brought up against something which I can clearly touch in my thought, yet which is clearly beyond me. Pretty much it’s all working fine, relatively true, until we get to the third meditation–and what a doozy!

S Mill, Utilitarianismed. Translated from the original Latin with philosophical introduction and commentary. See also Carriero, Two Worlds, p.

Books editions and translations 3. He rejects everything he was taught and arrives at the fact that he exists, god exists, descares that other things exist and that the body is separate from the soul.

Hill Jr and A. God is in many ways more like a kind of immediate presence which is felt, more or less strongly, from the very outset of the Meditations, and which guides and informs every step of the journey. They may be required reading for an examination designed to test knowledge of the Meditations, but they are apt to be taught as something that can be forgotten with relief when one comes to what are taken to be the more important and philosophically interesting questions in the Meditations, such as the dreaming argument, the logic of the Cogito, or the relation between mind and body.


The Desecularization of Descartes | John Cottingham –

Pages with related products. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Cottingham, Cartesian Reflections, Ch. I really am pleased that I read this book because within its pages you can see the birth of our modern world. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. But aside from a few excursions e. Routledge Philosophy Guidebook to Descartes and the Meditations. The Desecularization of Meditatios. Meditations on First Philosophy: Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews.

Descartes: Meditations on First Philosophy: With Selections From the Objections and Replies

Hill and Zweig, p. There was a problem filtering reviews right now.

Customers who viewed this item also viewed. But beneath that clothing, or, to change the metaphor, at the core of the reasoning, is, I am arguing, a religious encounter: Most modern analytic philosophers steer ctotingham of God in their work, and many are committed to an explicitly naturalistic outlook. But such differences may not be quite as significant as may initially appear. ISBN ] [Finnish edition:

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