Breath of Fire IV. After centuries of war, the two lands bordering an impenetrable swampland have finally reached an armistice. Mysterio.

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When you stop, you will find yourself by a single hole and a staircase. Now talk to her again and say no and then you will have to fight her. At the end of this path, by two pillars, is another tile.

Enter the windmill and climb up the ladder. Deonado and Scias look around but did not find anything. You will not be able to go in the town until it becomes night so hang outside the town until it becomes dark. Start this out like any other boss fight. Finally, you will have access to the Cleansing Water. They stay there for a night and during that night a dream appears where Ryu, Nina and Cray are in an underground room whereby they enter through swimming.

Enter the tower and a lift automatically goes down for the party to board.

Breath of Fire 4 (e) Lösung / Walkthrough

Leave this area and return to Furen Village. Meanwhile the water on the upper of the dam is too flooded and the dam cannot hold much longer. Talk to the white- haired chief and the wedding will commence. In the second floor head down the platform on the first one. You should obtain a bunch of EXP for this fight, hopefully boosting you up a level.


After you get the ring I suggest you equip it on Ryu. This awesome spell allows Karn to fuse with Bo and Gobi. Step on the blue circle once you are done and you will go back to the gate.

Climb the staircase ahead to find yourself on the roof of the Karma Tower. Follow it to a sachet and get an item inside. Start by casting Fort on everyone starting with Bo, then Nina, then Ryu. Before heading out, save your game at the Dragon Shrine. Lastly, use the transport tile here to return to the middle platform. The other stuff they sell are utensils and the King Frog, another ultimate lure.

After that, they pack up the camp and return to the map area. Its not a boss fight, it’s not a fight at all, it’s the most confusing maze.

Follow the path to the crate and stand there to lift the opposite crate. Talk to him and something approaches towards the closed gate slowly. They should respond to you.

Cray does not want any apologies but the king thanks him to reporting this matter and disagrees with what Rudia has done to defend its honor and not allowing them to search for Elina. Anyway, about that hreath. The elevator starts going down but jam in the middle shaft.

Mogu will then wake up and then he decides to join your party. The colors are in this order. After that, the three guys are outside of Marlock’s residence again, figuring where to get the job Marlock meant.

Breath of Fire – Walkthrough

We’ll never make any money if you just give things away, Teepo! From that point, the battle should be pretty straightforward. Enter the one on the left and fall into the room below. From firr entrance of the Fortress, head east and follow the path north.


Before we go into the next dungeon field, let’s get some nice items for some of your characters. Fire Stone All the monsters in the castle will be gone now so don’t worry about having to face any more battles.

Enter the house directly above the Item Shop and talk to the boy. Head out of the town. Go to the ladder on the other side and climb up to the top level. Anyway head back to the Fortress and head out and go straight north. You should easily dispose of him without using any magic fir spells. When Nina cast Fort on everyone have her use the E. What should I do? He will ask Ryu to spend him on eating until he is satisfied.

First buy a vitamin from the item shop and go upstairs and give it to the hiccupping man.

If you need to run, use this command to run. That’s all I have to say for now.

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