Breath of Fire IV. After centuries of war, the two lands bordering an impenetrable swampland have finally reached an armistice. Mysterio.

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Breath of Fire IV Part #53 – Chapter LII: Of Gods And Men

I suggest playing this game if you liked the Final Fantasy series. The hero should use the E. To continue with one question that is not answered, approach her and select the third choice other choices get nothing from herwhich is the broken royal sword.

You have a dungeon to go through. She knows Ryu is from the village. She then introduces herself and guess the party’s purpose coming here. However, the blue-suit elder tells the others to calm down and they understand Nina’s effort to report this matter.

Apparently, Romero’s zombies only come up at night and they have been causing problems. The scene is back to the harbor, the muscular guy tells Ryu to use the crane to load the cargo into the ship.

He will give u 5, GP. Keep your HP when it starts to fall and he shouldn’t be that hard Just go in a northerly direction. When you ‘ave finished with your travels, come see me again.

Such person is referred to have mighty strength. Enter the Golden Prairie and again go straight to easy as usual until there is a boulder. Heal yourself before descending. Have Gobi in the front turn into a Big Fish and proceed in a south-east direction. This boss is a lot harder then the previous. You will teleport by a tile right next to you.


You will also notice a Morte look-a- like here. Then step on the upper teleport tile to appear od that same room. Approach the guy beneath the resting hut and Nina tire him where to get the keys to unlock the gates. Bo should Fry and have Karn attack.

Breath of Fire FAQ/Walkthrough for Super Nintendo by Dark Vortex – GameFAQs

Am’s Swamp There is a new and quite long road leading to this swamp area. However, with the many Herbs you probably have, you shouldn’t need to run back to Romero to heal. I suggest you just fight monsters for a bit. Now head outside and warp to Carmen. Have Karn in your party out in front and he will learn his next transformation Doof. From Romero, walk east through the forest and head toward Tantar again.

Head to the blue circle on the top left of the heart and step on it.

Skull RG, Life2 Level: I still need to put up the item, weapon, armor and many more sections. However, Ryu senses there is someone approaching and it is an invisible faerie. Return to the tunnel and use the keys to open the gate.

Update Gobi’s armor and weapons and head south and go up to land and head north to a town. Roulette is an interesting gimmick move I will show off in a little while. To the right of the inn is a Dragon Shrine.

He says he is alone and takes out something that transforms into knight, which is same as the one in the bar in Sarai Town. It seems that everyone is frozen and turned into stone, but its not quite that bad.


However, as the battle goes on, you will find it a good idea to use Fort on the other characters as well. Say yes and Sara will come and warn you. Head into a town called Arad. See the chest on detonadk island ahead of you? Follow the passage to the next room. Poor Ryu, he did it again and he is lying on the ground and Nina is on top of his body.

Come back at night and talk to the old lady and her husband will open up a tomb and you can get a water jar in there. It is almost ready for submission. On top of the ladder is a bedroom with a lady going around.

Breath of Fire 4 (e)

Although there is not battle in this field, players can leave this area. Follow the path to a lift outside and let it takes the party to the top of the bridge tower. Deotnado left the right side leads to a dead end and enter the next area.

When you stop, you will find yourself by a single hole and a staircase.

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