Final Fantasy XIII-2 Review PS3 · Final Fantasy XIII-2 Review Xbox Final Fantasy XIII-2 starts in New Bodhum in the year AF, which is. Page 4 of the full game walkthrough for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. This guide will show you how to earn all of the achievements.

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Follow it to find another treasure Detonadi containing the Oath of the Merchants Guild item – Continue past the treasure and you’ll find a sparkling item on the ground Dwhich is the item Desert Flame — pick it up.

Your ultimate goal is to reach South station square in Luxerion by Other attacks of this enemy include Aeroga just guard it, it won’t deal much damage and 1, Needles 1, HP of fantasyy slightly less if you guard.

Otherwise use Chronostasis a few times so you have enough time to do everything before it’s too late ideally we want to be in the station of Wildlands by Those in this first shop are nothing special, so feel free to ignore them. You will replace 3 with 4 use 1,2,4 against the bigger enemies of the “Rocky Crag” area Aster Protoflorianso you can have attacks of all elements against him.

Also synthesize your first ability during the tutorial to unlock:. If you didn’t do so earlier, the position of the quest-giver is Southwest in Poltae D. Stick to the South side as you go West. As you continue through the open doors on the West side, on the way there will be a NPC Non-Playable-Character that will speak with you; he’s a merchant, and he sells simple Potions.

Black Mage and White Mage. He can be Staggered rather easily and quickly with Wind-based attacks, so use those after Deshell and Deprotect. Moreover, near the first Red Cactus there is a man that serves as an Outfitters shop; there is nothing important for sale from him, either.


There’s plenty enough time to not-need any use of Chronostasis, but beware that every fight in The Slaughterhouse will “cost” you 10 minutes of your in-game time. There is an Outfitters and an Inn here.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Detonado

Remember the small area to the South of the Clock Tower? The Residences and Commercial District. The Grasslands Northeast and Train Station. In case you’re wondering “then why detknado they put them here? These areas will look familiar, since you’re basically doing the same exact route you did the first time you were here, in the beginning of the game.

Let’s use Chronostasis once now. As you arrive you will unlock the Teleport Station – Wildlands Station.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough

Once it’s all done, the green portal in the Ark will finally become available — use it to reach Luxerion and start the adventure! It’s more efficient to stop sprinting before she runs out of stamina, let her recover, and then sprint again, rather than running completely out of stamina in which case she will automatically stop sprinting, and her stamina recovery will be slower than if she hadn’t run out of it.

In fact, we want to not-complete it and use it to farm Soul Seeds for the next few Days, and then also to farm an ability Heavy Slash Lv 3 on Day From the station you need to reach the objective marker located Southeast, in Canopus Farm.

Press Y to open your main menu, and choose to customize your Schemata. Use a second Chronostasi s here, which should buy us enough time to reach the boss. If you spoke with all the four characters for this quest B 1B 2B 3B 4Hope will call you to talk about this quest a bit. This time she’ll give you a Mirakle Nektarwhich must be used when you have at least three status ailments on.


The Slaughterhouse closes at Then glide from platform to platform as if you wanted to go back to the Temple to retrieve Plate Metal Fragment and Silvered Metal Fragment. Strike the enemy’s head using physical attacks. Set up Aeroga and Aero as abilities. Follow the short Recovery Item tutorial, and buy Potions for free until you fill up all the six that’s your current maximum Item Slots available.

The new treasure box contains a couple of Garbs: If you couldn’t complete this quest earlier then you probably couldn’t manage to have Pickett, a young boy with an orange waistcoat, steal the Father’s Letter from you.

You won’t need Chronostasis; you just need to take the shortcut to Rocky Crag, that is to say glide from the North edge of Jagd Village towards North where Rocky Crag is. EP are automatically recovered to the maximum when you first enter the Ark, but if you spend them to buy items from Hope then when you will return to the main game the areas outside the Ark you will resume your playthrough with less EP. The quest will be completed once you both arrive at the goal point and you speak with Lamont again Rewards:

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