Download scientific diagram | DEXA, X-ray Dexa, Model Dexxum-T, OSTEOSYS Co. made in South Korea. from publication: The Effect of 12 Weeks of Training. Primus/Excellus/Dexxum T/EXA /Presto/SONOST /SONOST. 1. Compact design considering the feature of patient’s foot. User Manual (Rev ) – English Version. OsteoSys Co., Ltd. Model Designation: DEXXUM T. DOC. No.: OTFMUL Contents of User manual.

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Portable device with Window-based embedded PC.

Easy to move and install anywhere and anytime. Easy to operate with a simple touch due to user-friendly interface 6. Cone beam technology helps an accurate diagnosis within a short scanning time and with dexum low radiation doses.

Central DEXA Bone Densitometers

A specially designed hand positioner helps the precise dexxu, of an arm according to the arm length of each patient, which naturally results in the enhancement of the measuring accuracy. Systematic and ergonomic design.

EXA is specially designed for an easy and swift scanning of forearm and calcaneus. Multi-scan for forearm and calcaneus 3.


By DXA with a cone beam technology, you can diagnose accurately with a low level of radiation dose. The easy and user-friendly interface of EXA offers you with the special result report suggesting a follow-up test and relevant treatment. You can easily change the position of the measuring sites with the lifter.

As a result, you can measure the two different areas, calcaneus and forearm, with one device. The tri-fold-type table is an operator-friendly and a patient-oriented solution for the BMD measurement. We lowered the height of the table as much as possible for the safety and relaxation of the senior patients and those with relatively low heights.

By measuring the area between shoulder and knee, you can analyze fat mass and lean mass. Based on the optimized Fan beam DXA technology, PRIMUS is leading a new design dexxjm of medical devices with its combination of sophisticated feature and a cutting-edge touch-type console panel.

Dexxxum console panel consisting of a touch screen and a colorful rear LED light supports the practitioner to operate the device more easily.

PRIMUS can measure the whole body of a patient efficiently due to the dexxu, detectors that covers a wide area with higher speed. And regarding the body composition analysis function, it can quantitatively analyze the fat mass, lean mass, and the weight of a patient, and also there are other various analysis functions such as VFA, Orthopedics, Hip analysis, FRAX, Color Mapping.


Along with its widened scan area, PRIMUS shortened the examination time with a higher scan speed resulting to a more convenient examination process.

DEXXUM T, Central DXA Bone Densitometer, OSTEOSYS CO.,LTD.

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New OSTEOSYS DEXXUM T Bone Densitometer For Sale – DOTmed Listing #

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X-ray devices and accessories.

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