DHAMMAPADA V [Thomas Byrom] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Evocative photographs complement lyrical, aphoristic renderings. The Dhammapada is one of the most popular and accessible books in all of Thomas Byrom’s verse rendering of the Dhammapada uniquely captures the. The Dhammapada is a collection of sayings of the Buddha in verse form and one of the most .. Penguin Classics, ; Tr Thomas Byrom, Shambhala, Boston, Massachusetts, & Wildwood House, London, (ISBN ).

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A fool may live all his life In the company of a master And still miss the way. Do only what you do not regret, And fill yourself with joy.


The Buddha — The Awakened see excerpt below. It is better to do nothing Than to do what is wrong.

It is good to control them, And to master them brings happiness. Seek wisdom, and purity. Impurity You are as the yellow leaf. Like water on the leaf of a lotus flower Or a mustard seed on the point of a needle, He does not cling. You are a seeker. Follow the way joyfully Through this world and on beyond!

Never speak harsh words For they will rebound upon you. Can you snap them? The thoughtful who enter the way are freed from the bondage of Mara. We are what we think.


For in craving pleasure or in nursing pain There is only sorrow. Latter, Moulmein, Burma, ? But the greatest impurity is ignorance. Like a broken gong Be still, and silent.

It is better to conquer yourself Than to win a thousand battles. Do what is right. Likewise, a number of stanzas are to be found almost verbatim in other texts of the canonical literature, testifying to the esteem in which its content was anciently held. Not on their backs Can he reach the untrodden country.

At the end of the way is freedom. He suggests that the three texts have a “common ancestor” but underlines that there is no evidence that any one of these three texts might have been the “primitive Dharmapada” from which the other two evolved.

Look into your heart. Do not carry your cares.

Full text of “The (PDFy mirror)”

Be harmless, be blameless. At that time, according to the Sinhalese, the Dhammapada was orally assembled from the sayings of Gautama given on some three hundred different occasions. He has submitted his nature to quietness. Make it your own. He has found peace. Nothing of the gods can hold him. The wise harm no one. Follow the way joyfully Through this world and beyond. Give yourself to the journey.

Honour the man who is awake And shows you the way. Are you a shepherd Who counts another man’s sheep, Never sharing the way? Like the moon, Come out from behind the clouds!

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If dhamma;ada man make himself as he teaches others to be, then, being himself well subdued, he may subdue others ; one’s own self is indeed difficult to subdue. Like a hunted hare you run, The pursuer of desire pursued, Harried from life to life. But if you meditate And follow the dharma You will free yourself from desire. The Buddhist scholar and commentator Buddhaghosa explains that each saying recorded in the collection was made on a different occasion in response to a unique situation that had arisen in the life of the Buddha and his monastic community.

A man may grow old in vain.

Like swans, they rise And leave the lake. Death overtakes the man Who gathers flowers The Dhammapada, www. Subdue yourself, And discover your master. He gives up all desires.

Neither praise nor blame moves the wise man. A useless log of wood, it lies on the ground, Then what does it know?

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