RTOS has unfair scheduling i.e scheduling is based on priority. GPOS has fair scheduling i.e it can be adjusted dynamically for optimized. well, in GPOS the code is not modular i.e. developer can not choose Kernel modules selectively. GPOSes are not scalable. but in the case of RTOS Kernel code. The main difference between GPOS and RTOS is that the RTOS should be deterministic. That is, the time consumed by the operating system to.

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Here a high priority process gets executed over the low priority ones. To sum up interrupt latency comes from 1.

Process the high priority interrupt first. You may also like: If we go even beyond there are many many points to discuss, but it is not in the scope of this article. Learn how your comment data is processed.

I hope you got the basic idea now! Normally, in OS terminology, we call this kind of signals interrupt.

All it tells is, the Algorithms of ROTS kernel should be deterministic and should be able to perform even if no of resources are more. Thanx guys,this article very helpfull, especially for beginners.


This something could be a ‘sensor input’ or a key press. More appropriate answer would be ROTS are deterministic.

What is the main difference between GPOS and RTOS?

Disable only current interrupt. Where as in an RTOS — scheduling is always priority based. A high priority process execution will get override only if a request comes from an even high priority process. So I am rewriting this post so that most of you can benefit. Q43 Write a C program dfference reverse odd bits or even bits of an integer.

Well, never use these words. Normally you can miss interrupts during this kind. All such service requests from kernel are associated with a bounded latency in an RTOS.

Differences between a GPOS (Normal OS) and an RTOS (Real Time OS)

Find the factorial of a given number using recursion. RTOS gauratee you that particular operation would complete at the worst this much time. After pressing the SAVE button of a finished document, there is no particular time limit that the doc should be saved within 5 seconds. So preemptive kernel is must. And one more important point, even for these delatils the upper bound of delay time would be well defined. A system can be of a single purpose or multiple purpose.


Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Bad driver using Fast interrupt mode 3. There would be some delays some times, but a carefully designed RTOS will have those delays very small.

I have got a diffference information from this article.

What is difference between RTOS and GPOS?

Posted by Techi at In General, the more the number of threads the more time GPOS takes to schedule and start executing the the thread. There is not short-cut for a good answer. In an RTOS the kernel is kept very simple and only very important service requests are kept within the kernel call. In such a case, some times anx of a high priority process will get delayed inorder to beteeen 5 or 6 low priority tasks.

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