View and Download DigiDesign VENUE Profile manual online. VENUE Profile Music Mixer pdf manual download. VENUE SC48 User Manual. VENUE SC48 User Manual. By Chris,. Categories. Audio · Video · How to Acoustics · Product Focus. We’re proud to be the AV. Digidesign Profile Mix Rack System Digital Mixing System user manual · Go to Digidesign website Digidesign VENUE SC48 Digital Mixing.

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Page 55 Bank Safe status. Un- used channel strips are left blank and inactive.

Digidesign VENUE Digital Mixing Consoles

The system restarts with the new Input Channel configuration. Inputs And Input Routing Chapter 7: Targeting a snapshot lets you preview which data types and Targeting Before Recalling Snapshots channels will be affected by that snapshot before recalling it. Go to the Patchbay page and click the Outputs tab. To set the Aux Send pan to follow Channel pan: The If the selected channel is not scoped in the currently se- Snapshot faders display the scope status of each channel on lected snapshot, it is indicated with a blue highlight.

DigiRack Plug-ins and any additional plug-ins from Digidesign or its Development Partners must be re-installed separately.

VENUE SC48 User Manual

Turn a rotary encoder to adjust the pan for the correspond- ing mono Group. To control stereo Group output balance and width: Put the system in Config mode. To choose a logical operator for the current event: Explicitly Using the channel Mute switch.


Remove the Video Monitor Mount components from their packaging. Trigger Types The following table lists the available trigger types and properties, along with a description of each.

Creating Triggers Disabling an active event does not automatically de-activate Deleting and Clearing an Event any associated actions configured for While Digidedign behavior. Groups Assigns the Output Faders to Group levels.

Click the Reset button. Click the New button at vehue left of the screen. The only controls not available while in Preview mode are You can do this from the main Snapshot page, or from the those controls which are not able to be stored or recalled via plug-in racks.

You can then view and operate all on-screen controls from the client computer. Hardware Inserts Chapter Power turns the rack slot on or off. To reset an event: Click Add and choose a message from the pop-up menu.

VENUE Live Sound Systems Documentation

Audio mixing Digital audio workstation software. To quickly test the switch trigger, click the Test button, or Using the Templates press the Footswitch. Page Type a new name and press Enter on your keyboard.

To adjust Threshold from an input strip: There is also a PC-based offline editor for creation and editing of show files, although there is no audio processing in the editor. Assigning monitor output to a bus-fed plug-in Mix to Monitors The Mains mix the signal present on the Mains busses can be sent to the Monitor bus.


Digidesign SC48

The System Restore CD reinstalls all system software and fac- tory-installed plug-in installers only. Page 7 Chapter The system restarts with the new bus configura- trix janual, Aux or Grp Groups tab. Mznual off, the plug-in con- into that rack slot. Meters Mains The Mains meters provide constant level indication of the house Mains output. Navigating And Selecting Channels Chapter 5: Locate and double-click the ECx host software uninstall pro- gram C: You can undo and redo parameter None A dark Parameter or Channel grid icon indicates that no matrix operations.

The Events Window Multiple events can be selected to test, reset, duplicate, Event List items, commands and displays clear or delete them, but only one new event can be created at one time. The selected snapshots are updated according to your changes and your choice of Absolute or Relative edit.

To copy and paste channel settings on-screen:

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